Why Do You Need A Weapon of War?

Spring is about 20 miles from downtown Houston. As you can see, this is not Podunk, Texas.

Bacon on the hoof will eat pets, destroy property and yes, attack people:

They can get up over 500 lbs. Any child between a sow and her pigs will have a bad day.

“Trap and relocate them”? Is she high? That would be a crime unless you were dumping them on your own land.

As for kids and 500lbs hogs, a hog that large will kill an adult easily and eat them too if given time to do so.

The wife was with me last night when we drove up on 4 200 pounders in my neighbors wheatfield. I jerked down the LR260 and felt bad that I was only able to get three out of the four before they hit the brush due to a double feed.

Grenade launchers would end that ■■■■ real fast :bomb:

Less than 100 years ago tyrannical govts killed over 100 million people. Kings mountain turned the American revolution around. Learn from history.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Actually no. A bunch of us tried to kill a deer once on a M79 range. He taunted us.

Now a flamethrower? Oh yeah.

I think a suitcase nuke is a bit much for porcine assaults, don’t you?

Napalm and FAE. That way you get a free barbeque while you’re at it.