Why do we need a Jan 6 commission?

Isn’t there already an FBI investigation? What exactly is this nit wit supposed to uncover that the FBI missed?

The skivvies he ■■■■ in when the “rioters” stormed the Capitol?

The fbi investigated 9/11… and yet.

And yet what? Congress found something the FBI and CIA missed? What exactly would that be?

Failure of agencies to communicate

Kinda sounds familiar doesn’t it

One side of the door guys in full swat gear walking away. Moments later Other side of same door woman gets shot by a nervous cop. Sounds like a failure to communicate or to have a cogent plan.

Good example.

So you think the congressional investigation will focus on the failures of the Capitol police, secret service and FBI? No you don’t. Neither do I. It will focus on Trump and Trump supporters. Everybody already knows this.

They will absolutely not find a single item missed by the FBI. It’s pointless. It’s totally about political point scoring.


This is off the table. They won’t even disclose the name of the cop who shot Ashlee. This kind of cover up is totally unprecedented.

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It damn well should.

I don’t call things pointless as a precursor. I even thought the voter fraud investigation back when the former president lost the popular vote the first time should be given time to dig snd investigate.

It’s simple the FBI will investigate the crimes; the commission in Congress will investigate the causes.


It’s about the narrative/talking pts/distraction.


If you say you wouldn’t have wanted this in 2017 had it been a bunch of Hillary supporters that did the same thing I’ll believe you believe what you’re saying.

Don’t we know the causes?

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If you agree that the cause was a bunch of butt hurt Trump supporters worked up into a frenzy by his Big Lie than yes, we know the causes otherwise, no, we need to check it out😀


In the interest of saving millions of tax payer dollars, I so stipulate.

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Well done indeed!:+1:

Idk, same reason we needed 10 Benghazi commissions ? 🤷


So you have no problem with an investigation into supposed mass voter fraud but take issue with an investigation into the events surrounding the Capitol being stormed by crazy Trump supporters? The irony. I thought you needed the facts.


You can’t fix a problem until it has been identified. The first step is to find out how people were able to breach the barricades and get into the capitol building. The next step would be implementing better protections against it. Knowledge is key. The more we know, the better we are.

I don’t know…why do we need a Fulton County Re-Count? Seriously. Jan 6 commission is simply looking to see if anything systemic went wrong and what do we need to keep it from happening again right???


Yeah…I liked my own post.


Simple - Democrats need a media distraction because the Biden administration is floundering, so they’ll milk “Rube Dawn” down to the last drop while continuing to ignore left wing violence.