Why do we care what Pelosi says when her Districit is covered with human feces and hyperdermic needles

Pelosi is the last person we should be listing to when it comes to the border and protecting America and the people. Pelosi’s District is worse then a third world country with human feces and hypodermic needles everywhere, maps for tourists have to made so as for them to a avoid those areas. Pelosi needs to sit down and let someone take over that cares,

Her views on the border reflect her district that is a sespool of garbage!

San Francisco has some of the highest real estate prices of any city in the United States because of tech companies in the city and its proximity to Silicon Valley. Have you looked at prices there?.. or in your world do drug addicts drive up real estate values?

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Do you support Pelosi’s filthy District and why?

I don’t see any Third World conditions. When were you in San Francisco? In California? In the U.S.?

Did you read the article?

No because I’ve been to San Francisco many times. Have you?

Here, by the way, is Golden Gate Park. I don’t see any needles. When were you last in SF?

Does she have any fences or walls around her house?

You know, because they’re good enough for the Democrats,
but not good enough for the American people.

My wife is from Sacramento and we visit family in the area 1-2 times a year. Since its a vacation we usually hit San Fran for a day each time. I’ve seen lots of needles.

Visited Pier 49, one of the tourist meccas of San Fran, and the public restrooms had overflowing needle dropoffs but no paper towels. Priorities.

San Fran is a beautiful city but also increasing becoming filthy and disgusting.

That said, San Fran’s problems are a local issue caused by the mayor and council, not Pelosi.


There are a myriad of issues…and don’t forget the skyrocketing housing prices that are pricing people out of places to live in that city.

The Daily Wire article was ridiculous…just a hodgepodge of words that seemed to be trying to leave the impression that illegals being shielded in a sanctuary city were shooting up and pooping over San Francisco.

One step below believeing that illegals were streaming across the border bringing measles and other diseases into the US.

I guess the idea that brown people from south of the border are diseased, drug-addled vermin keeps having to be reinforced from time to time.

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It’s her district and it reflects her poor leadership skills and shouldn’t be trusted because of it.

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Look, I’m no fan of Pelosi – she’s pure DNC scum – but unless you want to point out how she’s been personally in charge of San Francisco, which she isn’t, then you really can’t blame her for its problems such as they are. She may have more influence with local politicians than the average guy but “with” is not the same as “over”, as if she were actually over them.

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Is Nancy Pelosi running the local government in San Francisco?

Do you understand how federalism works?

Is she not personally responsible for those who created the mess, Government has a Chain of Command and she’s in that chain.

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In a gated community behind a huge wall.

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Here is the truly insane part. Most people living in California would leave if they could. Yet these same people keep electing the same progressive nit wits who destroyed their state in the first place. Wow.

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I always love the HysteriCon narrative about SF. Obviously from people who have never been there. Hands down my favorite city in Cali.

Ive been to her house. She lives in Pacific Heights, in the middle of the city. No gated community, no walls around her house.

Well, she’s in A chain.

But in a very real sense there are different chains even with Leftist in office. By this I mean that not just legally, but also as a matter of police powers and even still spending, that the layers of government are quite distinct and with that so goes responsibility for the cluster things.

Yes, Pelosi could probably walk into the mayor’s office with little fuss over setting an appointment, but the mayor knows where the demarcation lines exist and is not necessarily some slavish terrible toady. Any mayor will protect their political turf, councilmen theirs, it goes on and on.

Still, as bad as bits of SF may be getting it remains the case that SF residents have yet to riot and burn down chunks of their own community, there’s a huge difference between that and homeless people crapping where the locals would pitch a fit if someone’s dog did it instead and that’s why SF is not set to become another Detroit.

… of course if there are riots among the locals and such, well all bets are off. Even then it would take time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are commenters who’ve never been in California or the U.S.

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There is an error in your argument. You are denouncing the wrong person.

House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy represents Bakersfield, CA. According to the FBI’s 2017 statistics, Bakersfield has higher rates of murder as well as of burglary and theft (two crimes frequently motivated by drug abuse) than San Francisco.

Since i know you find data compelling, please urge Kevin McCarthy to learn everything he can from what Nancy Pelosi is doing right in San Francisco. The good Republicans of Bakersfield who elected him deserve no less.