Why Do They Want To Raise Taxes?

A lot of the Democrat politicians seem to want to raise your taxes.

Why is that? So they can have more government, and you can have less
of your hard earned money? That’s Socialism.

The idea will be to get back that big corporate tax give-away that they did nothing with and give a bigger middle class tax break.


Did you tell that to the Democrat that is running in Florida?

You know the guy that got caught by an FBI agent taking illegal bribes.
My question is, how that guy is even still in the race?

That Democrat that wants to put a state tax. You know?

Democrats seem to want to raise taxes to pay for their expansion of government. Republicans often reduce taxes while also expanding, or making no effort to reduce government.

I say to hell with them both. What we need is a tax increase coupled with a significance reduction in government.

We’ll never get that, though, because partisans are afraid of having their particular ox gored, so the race towards the cliff always sees an increase in speed.


Nothing to do with what I posted. Try again.

Yeah, the Dems want Socialism, and that doesn’t work out to well for mostly any other country.

Plus they gatta keep up with their kick backs from Lobbyists, and people that illegally pay them off for favors.

Republicans are good.
Democrats are evil.

We get it.

No. Not all Republicans are good, but at least I can admit that.

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Who exactly is not good and why?

Wouldn’t you supply me with that info?

I’m simply saying that my party isn’t perfect.
We all have faults. However, there is a difference between having faults, and being evil
with nor morality.

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Because you have to actually pay for what you spend.


I think someone forgot to tell that to Obama and the DEmocrats, when they spent 9 trillion dollars in 8 years.
You know, more money than any president before him combined?

Fiscal responsibility. The thing Republicans used to hang their hat on (or at least claimed to). You should only spend the money you have. Democrats want to tax more and spend more. Republicans want to tax less and spend more. At least the Democrat option could be fiscally responsible.

Only the ignorant don’t understand that the spike in deficit spending was already in the budget before Obama took office, or that he cut the deficit to less than half of what is NOW before leaving office…

I think that someone forgot to tell you that part of that spending was for bills passed when previous Presidents were in office. That always happens, yet so many will hang it all on the current guy.

That is not exactly correct. When Obama became President, he inherited two wars and a terrible economy while Trump inherited a good economy with the Unemployment rate below 5%.
Around 82% of the tax cuts that got signed into law by President Trump went to the top 1%. The National debt has increased by about 8.5% under Trump. The National debt is now at 21.68 trillion dollars. Link

No its not…

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Nope, dem’s are the good guys.

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