Why Do Republicans Oppose Updating the Voting Rights Act?

Are you making up questions as you go?


LBJ was wrong. He said the VRA and CRA would cost Democrats the south for a generation. It has now been multiple generations.

Never worry. Someone in another thread will be along to explain how the Democrats were the party of slavery and the KKK.

“Violations”, as defined by libspeak.

Every study of where voting machines are placed and how many are placed in different neighborhoods answers that question. For one example, in Tulsa, the only polling place in the largest African-American community was closed and replaced by a location several miles away with no public transportation.

I think everyone here who wonders why African-Americans vote overwhelmingly Democratic, needs to slow down and think for a while… because the answer to that question runs through this thread like a river.

Nobody is “not allowing” citizens to vote.

You are totally fabricating your argument.

And that’s also the line of arguments that Dem politicians push, which is why Dem initiatives are not to be trusted.


Discriminate as defined by statistics: % of citizens who are prevented from voting. This isn’t liberal, it is simply a matter numbers that you appear to dislike.

The answer to the OP question was right there in the article he referenced, all along.

“The bill before us today would turn those federal shields that protect voters into political weapons,” said Representative Doug Collins of Georgia, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, adding that the legislation would do so “when there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that those states or localities engaged in any discriminatory behavior when it comes to voting.”

The cases cited in identifying which states would require pre-clearance are the evidence that you clearly are wrong in your assertion.

Why not allow the largest number of law-abiding citizens to vote?

Who is being denied the right to vote and how?

I have to go several miles with no public transportation available to vote. Have for years. Am I being denied my right to vote?

Why do you believe black people are helpless?


You are making it up.

And “studies” designed to arrive at a particular conclusion are never to be believed.

They are allowed. All they have to do is register and show up at the poll during the time with an ID.

Just like my white ass does.


How are they “prevented”?

The Federal Election Commission is not something I made up.

If you are right, and there is no racially discriminatory intent in the rules states are passing, why would you object to having those rules pre-cleared? Where’s the harm?

The harm is continuing to punish the southern states as stated by SCOTUS.

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The new rules do not harm southern states. They apply equally to all states. As I pointed out to you earlier, the new rules include California and New York as states requiring pre-clearance. Are you so busy typing you have not had time to look at a map?

Both parties.

Why else do we have examples of GOP-controlled state legislatures with GOP governors, after an election where a Dem has won the governorship but the GOP maintains control of the legislature, passing laws that restrict executive power?

At any rate, I’m at the point where I want to run an experiment. Strike down the VRA and let’s see what happens. Get the sides to have to declare their intentions.

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That’s not for you to say. Those are your feeeeeeelings, just like “denied to vote”.

I’m going off your posts.

They are allowed. You think my assertions are wrong, yet you’re the one with the profoundly bogus claim. Sticking to that argument removes any semblance of credibility you want to pretend you have.

Elections have consequences.

Already stated. Please try to keep up.