Why Do Hardcore Felons In Prison Get To Vote?

Why Do Hardcore Felons In Prison Get To Vote?
Ask Democrat Politicians. They’re the ones that support it, and allow it!
I’m talking about heavy Felonies such as rape and murder.

Democrat Politicians think that people that commit rape and murder should be allowed to elect who makes the laws, and who runs the government.
I guess that says a lot about the Democrat Party in general though.

Do you think that people that have committed such horrible acts of evil, should be able to elect people into office?

Just think of famous serial killers throughout history, and how evil they were, and just think, if they were alive today, they would be allowed to vote, because of the Democrat Politicians!

Every citizen should have a right to vote and have their say on how the communities they are a part of will be run going into the future. Unless you believe we should simply write off every individual convicted of a felony for the remainder of their lives, there is no other fair alternative.


I disagree felons in prison should not get to vote because… well they forsook their right to being a part of that community. However, they should be able to vote once they rejoin it regardless of conviction.

They should also be able to own guns and live where they damn well please but hey someone has to think of the children


Yes they should be able to once they serve out their time in prison.
No owning guns restrictions, no residency restrictions, and no public shaming.

Who is with me?

So no illegal immigrants should have the right to vote? Somebody might want to tell that to the Democrat Party, on why they keep winning the popular vote, and don’t win overall. haha.

and No, if someone does something as evil as murder someone else, and has a fair trial under due process and is found guilty for sure, then they should have that honor, and right stripped from them for the rest of their lives.

And any party whom thinks that it is ok that someone like a serial rapist, or a serial murderer should have that right is, well, frankly insane, and probably immoral themselves as well.

I am.

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uuuum What? haha

what’s the issue? Please expound and I will gladly answer

ETA: lol just got it :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for anyone hear, but I’m sure most people with children, don’t want to live in the worst area of Chicago, and places of such nature, where crime is a lot higher, and they’re Liberal Politician ran areas, that promise they care and will do something about the crime, and yet black on black crimes happen all of the time.

Just like Charles Barkley said. The Democrat Politicians only care about blacks, once every 4 years.

I have no issue in those incarcerated losing the right to vote for the period of their sentence; however, once that sentence is completed or they are freed on parole then there right to vote should be reinstated.

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I just feel that this is one of those subject that the Democrat Party is throwing under the rug, and put into place, because they knew that they could get millions of votes this way, but the majority of Americans wouldn’t agree with it.

So it’s not pushed to far out in the public by the Liberal Media.

Even though I’m for a felon completely losing their right to vote, in or out of prison, and their sentence. I could easily see, that what you’re saying is probably what most Americans would agree with. They would lose their vote inside prison, but once they served their sentence they would get it back.

Which begs the question then……………Why would the Democrat Politicians do something that they know would give them votes, but know that most Americans wouldn’t agree with?

Sounds like Socialism and forcing thing upon the American people again to me.

Yes and some of the poorest states in the country are also red states. This is a low hanging fruit argument

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This thread is about Felons in Prison being able to vote, please stick to the topic at hand.

There is quite a long list of crimes considered to be felonies.

Say you are some punk kid out egging houses on Halloween. You hit someone’s mailbox as a cop notices what you are doing. You are then charged with the felony of vandalizing federal property. Is it the contention of the OP that this individual should never be able to vote again? That they are basically stripped of any say in the governing of society for the remainder of their lives because of a dumb mistake?

Sounds like you let someone else tell wrongfully tell you what socialism is, and you believed them.

Whatever source that was, consider a new source.

Who is calling for felons, in prison, to be able to vote?

Why do you believe that vote would go toward D and not R?

Well, that sucks that such a thing is a felony then. if it is so, then the law for that needs to be changed. In that specific case, I would be fine with the person being able to vote on the outside, but not on the inside.

Why are Democrat Politicians ok with being so Radically far to the left, and allow Felons to vote while in prison?

Democrat Politicians want serial killers to vote, because serial killers are evil and so are Democrat Politicians and so the Democrat Politicians know that evil serial killers will vote Democrat!

Also, Jesus would totally be a Republican so that proves Republicans are good, well at least the one who support Donald lol anyway yeah - Democrat Politicians are evil lol!

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