Why Do Democrats Want to Confiscate Our Guns?

First, it was Abrams in Georgia. Now, it’s Congressman Swalwell from California.

Democrats are showing their true colors. They have no respect for the 2A and wants to confiscate them from law-abiding citizens. I bet they don’t know a thing about guns.

I hope conservatives who voted for the Democrats in the mid-terms to punish Republicans who are silent against that big jerk Trump are happy now.

Let’s see how they feel as soon as the government takes away our guns.

Obama had eight years to take your guns.

What’s your sense that the Democrats taking the House means that they will now accomplish what they couldn’t when they controlled the White House?

Honestly, I don’t trust Trump on 2nd amendment issues either:

Yep. We want to take away your guns and eventually we will win. Sorry.

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If republicans couldn’t hand-wring and pearl-clutch over democrats coming for their precious guns, what would they do with all that free time?

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Guns in the hands of Democrats are dangerous. Generally Republicans can be trusted. I don’t see why an executive order couldn’t fix this situation until we figure what the hell is going on!

Trump’s a Democrat. No surprise.

an unarmed population is easier to tax, command and control…


There’s always the gays and abortionists coming to force everyone to get gay abortions.


Or force god loving conservatives to tolerate those icky gay parades.

trumps a republican

i only vote for republicans

and i voted for trump

i dont even own a gun

and im worried about democrats taking away the gun that i dont even own yet

guns are expensive

Democrat yesterday, Republican today, who knows what he’ll be tomorrow. He changes political persuasions with his socks…

people who change parties are just hopping from treehouse to treehouse

i hope trump climbs down from there as a republican and not a democrat

I got an insert in my Soros paycheck that we’re planning to move on the confiscation in December.

Happy Holidays!

Depends on the gun and what you call expensive. Gun show a couple weeks ago I found one that I resisted temptation on that was under $200.

I have heard of people who have gone to these gun buyback things and picked up some guns really cheap in the parking lot.

I’d personally be afraid to do that - you never know what the prior owner(s) have done with that particular gun.

What would that have been. I’d imagine anything decent for under than $200 would be hotter than the sun.

.380 acp handgun

Instead I bought a $10 switchblade knife (for the novelty of it, didn’t know they were legal again.)

People I was with bought a $1,700 rifle.

You would be surprised there’s an auction site gun broker I think? I was scrolling through the list and you can pick up a 9mm for under $300. Not applicable to the well known manufacturers like Sig and Glock.