Why Do Democrat Politicians Prefer To Spend Other Peoples Money?

Do we not have enough Taxes in America? The Democratic Politicians think to seem that we need more, and in their Liberal controlled states, they’re going to force higher Taxes upon
the American people. Weather they like it or Not!

How about you America? Do you want higher taxes?

Should Americans have to work harder so they have to pay for every Refugee, and Illegal Immigrant that the Democratic Party forces you to do so? Because Democratic Politicians think to seem that this should be the case.

What the Democratic Politicians want is for more people to have to rely on the government, and Socialism. In other words, if you remember Under the Obama administration how many more millions of Americans were on Food Stamps, and Welfare? Well, with the Democrats Socialist agenda it would be Obama times 1,000!

“Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax return this weekend, revealing that he and his wife took $60,208 in deductions from their taxable income. These deductions are all perfectly legal and permitted under the U.S. tax code, but they present a morally inconvenient, if delicious, irony: The Democratic socialist from Vermont, a man who rages against high earners paying a lower effective tax rate than blue-collar workers, saved himself thousands using many of the tricks that would be banned under his own tax plan.”

Do you understand how marginal tax rates work?

That doesn’t answer my questions.

If you understood how marginal tax rates worked, you would understand that your questions are meaningless.

So a 70percent tax increase is meaningless to you?

do you understand how tax bracket work?

There is no 70% increase.

If you answer my questions above that I asked first, then I’ll answer your question.

most people don’t understand how taxes work.

I have no issue with adding another tax bracket at 70%

No, I don’t understand how a tax bracket works. Please enlighten me?

…and thank you for so clearly proving my point.

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Dont you think it’s your responsibility to learn how our tax system works before spouting off about it?

I know a decent amount more than most millennials probably do.

I know what tax percentage in my local nearby bigger city.

and I know that 70 percent is not a good idea for the country.

I know the basics, but not in details about Taxes. I’m no expert, but
than again I don’t think any of you’re either?

Adding an upper bracket at 70% would affect my life none.


Were not talking about “expert” knowledge here, we’re talking about the most basic understanding of how income taxes in this country work.

What percentage of your income did you pay in taxes last year?

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let say they make a new bracket at 5,000,000$.

they would only be paying 70% on any income earned after 5,000,000 not on all of it.

What do you think would happen if there was a 70% marginal tax bracket and why do you think it will happen?

Not your feelings…you’ll have to put some facts and data behind it.

To simply this…

When a super rich person makes 10,000,001 dollars in a year… that 1 dollar gets taxed 70%. So we, middle class, get 70 cents.

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