Why didn't we expect a nationalist movement after the 1st minority president?

It’s kind of silly to not expect it and I think a lot of people were simply naive.

Any time something like that happens, a major shift from the norm, there’s going to be a backlash. We’re just living that backlash. And once we get our first Hindu president there will be a major backlash religion wise.

We now have to let this play out. It took decades for people to accept women voting. It may take decades for people to accept the new normal. But they will fight it, politically, to their last breath. The same way people fought in the 50s/60s.

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I’m willing to bet you could google-fu and find some op-eds from the Obama years that commented on the potential for cultural backlash. What you might not find are people predicting a backlash of this magnitude and character.

Populism. It knows no bounds. It’s difficult to predict its scale. History has shown that.

there is a certain backlash every time rights that have been held exclusively by certain groups are spread. Would be nice if there was not always a huge fight against every gain in human rights. It may not come to weimar but we are having a weimar moment. We take for granted that human rights struggles are over once those rights are obtained.

So the people who voted twice for Obama in the rustbelt all of a sudden decided to vote for Trump because he’s white even though he was running against another white candidate?

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A lot of people did expect it.

No, it was because he was a white NATIONALIST.

actually it sort of works out for Conservatives overall, because if you guys wouldn’t have elected a corrupt person from one of the most corrupt states in all of America(Obama from Illinois), and if he wouldn’t have done so poorly of a job for America in general, then we possibly would have never had Trump. So, technically I should be thanking the Dems.

Thank you! Otherwise Hillary may have won! lol.

Illinois is one of thee most corrupt states in America? By what metric?

Instead the gop used it to try to claim racism was over and democrats are the real racists for bringing racism up. They used the first black president for cover while at the same time feeding on the resentment. The head birther is now president because the gop took for granted they had the racists in their corner but they wouldn’t go far enough and someone else would.

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You say " nationalist " as if its a bad thing. Of course, you likely view " globalist " as a good thing.

Self reflection. Its a good thing. Let the healing begin.

Or maybe the democrats picked a horrible candidate, that was loaded with baggage, fbi investigations and looking like she can’t walk one step without falling down among countless other issues.

Just throwing that out there because when she was not calling one side a basket of deplorables she was labeling Bernie supporters as “living in their parents’ basement." I remember watching countless interviews with Bernie supporters who said they would no way ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

Just saying she wasn’t the best candidate which might have effected the outcome.

I think many of us, who were paying attention, did see a white nationalist upswing coming.

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Ohh, i caught that bit racism there. " White " nationalist… indeed…


Yeah the racism back then coming from right wingers…oh wait…

This guy was a Democrat.

And not just a pre “southern strategy” democrat. He was a Democrat till his death in 2010. He recognized how to keep the black man down after the 1964 Republican civil rights act. And for 46 years after the 1964 CRA, he made sure that he voted to keep black people enslaved with economic chains.

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Nationalism is to blame for both world wars.

So it’s already happened?