Why Did You Change Your Mind On ...?

Why Did You Change Your Mind On …?

I changed my mind on Islam because I realized it does not believe in equality and because Muslims are trying to take over America and that would make me an inferior to male Muslims unless I convert.

But that means Women will ALWAYS be inferior under Islam.

And Gays and Jews and all but male Muslims.

This is not fair.

America believes that ALL ‘Men’ (and Women) are created equal.

And I am an American.

Amir Taheri: "Islam Is Incompatible With Democracy"

Lest us return to the issue of equality.

The idea is unacceptable to Islam.

For the non-believer cannot be the equal of the believer.

Even among the believers only those who subscribe to the three so-called Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam ( Ahl el-Kitab) are regarded as fully human.

Here is the hierarchy of human worth in Islam:

At the summit are free male Muslims
*> *
*> *
> Next come Muslim male slaves
*> *
*> *
> Then come free Muslim women
*> *
*> *
> Next come Muslim slave women.
*> *
*> *
> Then come free Jewish and /or Christian men
*> *
*> *
> Then come slave Jewish and/or Christian men
*> *
*> *
> Then come slave Jewish and/or Christian women.

Each category has rights that must be respected.


As absolutely awful as this op is, I think the topic of things you had believed in but have since changed on is a good discussion.

Not political, but I’ve flipped on how old someone should be to have a driver’s license. Same with drinking/smoking/pot/voting age laws. A lot of mine are age related.


Accept for the first 180 years or so…but that’s just the minor details.

Hmm, how do you explain Islamic nations that have had female heads of state? Before we have had them here in the enlightened USA.


When I read the OP I was thinking more along where you went on this. One of the areas of change for me is universal health coverage for catastrophic illnesses like cancer.


Since when are men and women equal? Why does admitting men and women are different have to mean women are inferior?

How does admitting male-male intimacy is unhealthy—also acknowledged by the Old Testament—make gay men inferior? The late Mathew Shepherd, openly gay, ran around unmolested in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, where his father works the oil business. However, he was beaten in Morocco & murdered in Wyoming.

As for issues I’ve flipped on, one would be the death penalty. I believe it violates the 8th Amendment with regards to cruel & unusual punishment.


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My views toward Muslims changed when I started to get to know actual Arabs and Persians instead of reading about them on Google.


Our founding fathers were so excellent that they KNEW not only that slavery was wrong, but that their succeeding generations would abolish it eventually and they wrote the Constitution to encourage and create that as the ideal to one day live up to.

Like a parent buys clothes for a young child a few sizes too large knowing the youngster will eventually grow into them.

Slavery existed in Europe and elsewhere and the immigrants brought it with them when they came here. In less than 100 years after the writing of the Constitution, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

Did any of them tell you of the commandment to abolish man’s laws and establish Sharia in every land?

If not, I would wonder why.

Did they tell you that Islam doesn’t believe in equality?

Do you know any Muslims?

Me too.

I think it might be helpful to better understand what is involved in re-thinking a subject.

Like the proverbial child, I alluded to in an earlier post in this thread, we grow out of old limiting beliefs and ideas and understandings and then when we realize they no longer fit us or that our knowledge makes those previous ideas obsolete, we throw them off.

I think there are some Trump haters who will soon come to see they might do well to re-assess their opinion of our great President.

He has accomplished more as POTUS in this amount of time than any POTUS before him.

And not just inconsequential matter, either. He has done record breaking, unprecedented things!

And he did these things while battling enemies from all sides.

He is a truly GREAT President.

The best that I can come up with is that they are the exception rather than the rule. And that anyone trying to sell US on the idea of welcoming Islamization in America by using those few exceptions, is trying to deceive us and is not our friend.

Fashions and passions come and go and people’s minds can be changed by skillful manipulations.Only a relatively small number of manipulators are needed to sway an entire nation into believing that there is no harm in allowing peaceful Muslims to flood our country.

But in as far as Islam goes, it is ALWAYS the final arbiter when push comes to shove in the matters of laws and policies and we must never be confused abbout this.

“Moderate Muslims” CAN NOT save us.

Yes. A few.

But that is like asking if I have ever injected heroin in response to my saying that heroin addiction is no good for you.

Your assumption is that if I become affected by the intoxication of the people or the substance, that nothing else matters.

How and why did you believe as you previously did?

And what made you re-think the matter and why did you and what have been your thoughts since the change?

No, it’s not like that at all

Since when are men and women equal? Why does admitting men and women are different have to mean women are inferior?

Under the law, men and women are considered equal. Men are not thought to have greater credibility or worth or standing or power or respect or decision making ability than women, by law.

If a woman goes into a bank to apply for a mortgage, if the law didn’t consider her equal to a man, it might be assumed that she isn’t smart enough to do such a thing by herself or that she would first need the permission of a man before doing such a thing.

The assumption WOULD be, at the root of it all, that she was inferior.

Don’t be shy.

Even though you are a woman, you may feel free to speak with me as though we are equals.


Tell me what it IS like.

Grand Islamic conspiracy is boring.

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I didnt mention anything about Gays. That means I consider them equal to anyone else.