Why did the White House Allow "No Direct Evidence" Strategy When They Had Bolton's Book?

Apparently, the White House received an advance copy of the Bolton book manuscript in December to review. That made it clear that a witness who had direct knowledge of President Trump’s actions and intent in the Ukraine quid pro quo was preparing to come forward.

Nevertheless, the White House defense team went forward in their Senate opening on Saturday with the defense thet there were no direct witnesses to Trump’s action… a defense that was shredded by the Bolton leak on Sunday.

Why did the White House allow their lawyers to stake their case on a position that was going to be undermine the defense’s credibility?

Grand strategy?
Not caring, since they are confident the Senate vote is fixed?

Thoughts please.

Because their entire job is to put on a show for Trump. That’s it. The reality TV star needs his ego fed.

I am actually convinced that Trump did not read the transcript before hand. But his lawyers definitely did. And like in other recorded incidents, everyone around trump is trying to shield him from upsetting news.

Trump cannot attract quality lawyers??

I’ll take number 3.

Yeah, they definitely don’t care. Those who worship Trump* will worship him no matter what he does.

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Their client insisted on it.

I’m not convinced Trump reads period.

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Agreed. Trump has never and will never admit he did anything wrong about anything ever. Therefore this is the only defense Trump would ever approve of.

Even clowns like Jay Sekulow wouldn’t make the argument that the president can’t be prosecuted at all of his own volition


No way he reads.

5th avenue

Ok I did it but it wasn’t impeachable