Why did the democratic party suddenly become so pro war?

They threw a fit when we didn’t go to war in Syria. Now they are All up in arms (pun intended) because Trump is getting out of Afghanistan. I remember when libs were always against the use of military force. What changed your minds?

On the record, officials who were there denied the story. None of the sources in the report are identified. Trump commented that he’s not too popular with Pentagon leaders because “they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.”

The military industrial complex is totally against Trump for getting us out of wars and the left is against Trump so…those ignorant to being sheoplized are being used. The story about Trump calling dead soldiers “losers” and the left eating and regurgibleeting that is the perfect example.

Need to keep that Petroldollar going for the Central Bank.

They will scream like mashed cats when Trump switchs to gold.

Right? I am still waiting for the libs to tell me why they are now pro war. Crickets.

Seriously? 40 replies and the dems have suddenly become too shy to explain why they have become war hawks? Speak up folks. Enquiring minds want to know.

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As serious as a heart attack !

Oh it is not a sudden thing. Jimmy Carter was the 1st dem prez of the 20th century not to be involved in a war of some sort or other. (He was a disaster in all other catagories)

I remember the front page of the old Saturday Evening Post featuring ‘Democrats the war party’ on one of their publications.

They have been demanding military spending cuts for decades. They want to cut the military budget then insist that we send troops into battle. It’s totally bat ■■■■ crazy. I would love to hear an explanation.

You’ll never get one because it is totally illogical.

That’s where the money is for them. The military industrial complex has a lot of dosh to hand out to pollies who will do their bidding. Trump isn’t, so the Dems are stepping up to the plate for the cash. Money buys power.

Sure. But why does the average liberal on the street support more war?

When the ■■■■ where either two of the major parties not bloody ■■■■■■■ warmongers???

Well for the Republican Party, we can exclude the period of time prior to 8:00 am Hawaii time on December 7th, 1941.

But since that moment, both parties have been non-stop warmongering machines.

It’s not like the flip flopping is one sided. There were cries that the Taliban were going to topple Pakistan and get the nukes and that we don’t negotiate with terrorists, etc. Yet now we are openly negotiating with the Taliban and ready to leave them largely unsupervised by a US presence. Things change.

And it’s not complaints that we are extricating ourselves from wars.

It’s how we are doing it.

By acceding to demands of strongmen like Erdogan instead of using our power to tell him to get bent…I.e. leaving on our terms instead of because Erdogan threatened us.

Or relaxing pressure on North Korea, lending Kim legitimacy, while getting precisely nothing in return.

You can extricate from wars from a position of strength…or you can do it like Chamberlain.

The latter sets you up for problems further down the road…that a Dem President will likely have to clean up, and therefore get blamed for.

The Norquist Plan applied to foreign policy.

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Yes it is. They freaked out when Trump decided he didn’t want a war in Syria.

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No…they didn’t.

Regardless of which party did what, we do know were Biden stands on military intervention from past votes. From Politifact.

“Biden as a senator voted for resolutions that supported interventions in Iraq and Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). As vice president, he followed the policies of the Obama administration, which included interventions in Syria and Libya”.

There are those in the Democratic Party that are not hawks but the last two nominees for president for the democrats have both been hawks, with a record to show.

Better war than agree with Trump. Its been their philosophy for four years.

Riiight! Now, I clearly remembering them thanking the President for keeping us out of another war. Thanks for the reminder. :grin:

I don’t know, during the Bush admin many dems acted like anti-war Monks with perfect piety. “Stop the endless war” yard signs and bumper stickers were everywhere. They yelled bout how our Intel community was incompetent, and wanted to get out of Iraq now!

Then Obama’s elected and they invade Libya for no reason and leave it worse than Iraq… Now they want to send other people’s kids to fight in Syria? It’s one odd group on the left…