Why did Pelosi delay?

About Pelosi delaying Senate impeachment proceedings for a month… Do you believe the publicly stated reasons Pelosi offered, or the gop’s views on the subject about muddying up Trump? Or was it something else? For example Dems needed time to coordinate future revelations/ leaks a la Cavanaugh, or something else or all of the above? I think it was to negotiate planned “bombshells”, coordinate media leaks etc. this’d how Dems roll.

Christmas break and behind scenes colluding.


This just in re Pelosi’s strategy, including the delay c/o Breitbart

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“Impeachment must be partisan”
It wasn’t, she knew it.
Let it play out and now she will be known as the Speaker of the House who presided over a failed attempt to oust a sitting President.
Too drunk with power to see the reality.

Yes indeed

More leaking today that Pelosi’s delay was for the purpose of handicapping Bernie and Liz … Pelosi’s new comments that the Dems shouldn’t go far left seem to add more credence to those stories. Will it be Biden/Hillary with the expectation that Biden won’t make it very long if elected?

Maybe but that’s just smart politics

What is it with you guys continuing obsession with Hillary Clinton?

It would help if she went media silent for a year.

I agree she needs to shut up, but she’s not going to be running for any political office.

She should have delayed it for a couple more weeks to a month.

In all fairness she won’t go away.

I think Pelosi realized that her impeachment articles were too weak, and she was hoping she might be able to find some other imagined offense against Trump to add as a third article


If true and Bernie (hopefully) gets shafted again, his socialist utopia seeking followers will (hopefully again) vote for Trump.
So ok?

in an attempt to keep the democratic party from going the way of the whigs, here’s mikey…

It was their obsession with her that helped trump win. Maybe they think it will work again.

About 10% of them did that. Highly doubt that will happen again.

What do you think the Bern bunch will do if the old commie gets shut out again?