Why did my comment get deleted?

Just thought I’d ask.

keep it about the post, not the poster.

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Words of wisdom. ☆ +10. ☆

since i cant star new threads for some reason i have to ask here
why cant i star new threads or post links in any thread?

That happened to me once. If i recall correctly it was because I was a bad lad. The second time was just a mistake. Or maybe I am misremembering.

You lost those privileges when you started a thread openly calling for terrorism.


i guess its time to do what i should have done a long time ago and say goodbye to this place. Ill find some other place not overrun by defenders of treason.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Try not to get put on any watch lists with those calls for terrorism wherever you slither off to. :hugs:


You know what they say … “Don’t let the closing door whack you on the ass.” :smirk:


Nah, don’t do that.

It was almost a year ago. Just apologize, don’t do it again, and I bet you could get restored.

Happened almost a year ago? Theres new mods right?

A tale of two posts. The honorable way through a difficult time.

The sniveling way around it.

Choices, choices.


New mods don’t make new rules. Certain TOS violations impose certain restrictions on what a violator can do on the board.

But I recommend what War Pig said:

At a minimum, it can’t hurt to ask.

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Thats what I meant- can’t hurt to ask…

Pretty dang easy to:

1.) NOT make open and blatant calls for terrorism.

2.) Admit your mistake and do better.

It appears to be just as easy to double down on the terrorism support and stomp off like a flaming diva.

Choices, choices… :man_shrugging:


As I’m fond to say … “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”. :wink:


Aww man, I thought it was @moonshine who kept PM’ing me back in the day about where the libs kept retreating (DP, The Fairy Hole, etc.), but it turned out to be @BlueTex instead. That would’ve been so much funnier. :rofl:

Helpful Link

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Was it me? Oh I hope it was me!

Bit of a reach saying that’s calling for terrorism, no? That accusation is probably what didn’t sit well.

It reminded me of one of my teachers telling me, don’t do that again, or else. Was that a terroristic threat?