Why did Joe flip flop?

Joe and all the dems seemed to have done a major flip flop. Most of them used to be in favor of secure borders and people being properly screened before entering. Now that’s seems to be all a thing of the past. And in a really strange coincidence, this major flip flop seems to have happened in the past three years. Weird eh? After decades of being pro border enforcement Joe is finally woke. In favor of totally open borders. Everyone gets in, in unlimited numbers. Legal or not. The only people subject to deportation are convicted felons. What the hell changed Joe?

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Biden and the others follow the lead dog. I think it’s AOC and her cronies.

Link to Biden saying he wants totally open borders?

It’s not a flip flop, it’s an evolution of thinking. Only the right flip flops. Like John Kerry voting for something before he didn’t.

From his website he says that immigrants and immigrant communities are not threats, and the border should be a place of exchange and cooperation. Not secured.

It should be all of those with SECURE being number one.


Glad you asked. Here it is. Everyone is welcome to stay unless they have a criminal record.

Someone with money farted in a different direction than where the Kid Sniffer’s opinion was. :man_shrugging:

He’s ok with drunk drivers. Drunk drivers not a felony so they should be off the hook. Even though drunk drivers cause untold death and damage.

So people cross the border, don’t detain them, and do not send them back

The first thing I will do is send — I mean within the first couple of weeks, we already have it written — a bill to the U.S. Congress providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people,” Biden said.

The issue came up during a Q&A session when an attendee said: “I wanted to ask you about getting driver’s licenses for our undocumented immigrants. Do you have a plan in the works for working on that, as I believe it would help them establish residency and the first step towards possible citizenship.”

“Actually, yes and yes,” Biden answered. “And, by the way, I’m going to fundamentally change the immigration policy we have.”

So if that is not open borders, what is?

Thank you. He has certainly done a major flip flop. The only question is why?

Also says they are a gift to this country, so why would you deport them?

Because Democratic voters want open borders and he’s running to get the nomination and he thinks he has to do it. Just like being for the Hyde amendment for 40 years or so and saying his stand on that was ‘principled’ , but the other candidates are also for using tax money to fund killing babies, so he has to go with the crowd. Funny thing, these flip flops haven’t helped him so far, so I’m wondering why he thinks this will help him.

Yep. He is absolutely terrified of a 30 year old nit wit bar tender. I can’t imagine how demeaning this must be to a crusty old fart like him.

Eh? He’s used to being humiliated. He already had to take second fiddle to the first clean and articulate black guy to run for President.

Even Obama knows better than to endorse Joe…so there’s that. :sunglasses:

Who cares about Joe Biden? He’s not gonna be the nominee.

Who do you think will win the nomination?

Party before principles.

It’s either Bernie, Amy, or Pete

There can be only one… :sunglasses:

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