Why Conservatives Are So Hostle Towards Millionaire Athletes?

Are the soldiers going to play pro football too? I mean, if we’re swapping jobs and everything.

If you’re watching a game at home, do you stand and put your hand over your heart?

Wait…I thought Trumpist like the union folk now! Damn, I can’t keep up…

I thnk you are thinking too hard.

If it looks like a lib, walks like a lib, and talks like a lib it’s probably a lib.

Take LouC for example. He spent years denying that he was a lib, but he finally came to a reckoning. Look at him now … he’s as rabid a liberal now as a born again Christian at a revival meeting. You’re not going to play that game, are you? :wink:

What are they protesting?

It started out as a protest against a perception of racism by cops. What that had to do with the flag and pledge of allegiance is still a mystery.

What does Trump have to do with it? Do you seriously think only Trump supporters care about the disrespect that the kneelers are demonstrating for the flag and Pledge?

You’re right.

It’s those that mistake symbol worship for patriotism that are upset. I guess not all of them are Trump supporters, although Trump is playing to them.

All of them that have used that moment of reverence as a platform to champion their cause.

You have quotes to that effect?

You want pictures of players kneeling during the national anthem? They’re out there, look em up.

That’s not what I asked.

Try again.

When they overshadow a moment meant for reverence and honor by using that moment to advance their cause, they’re saying that their cause is better than that moment. They could pick another moment, but they’d rather poke the eye of decency.

That’s your take on it.

Others’ views differ.

Mine for exampleThe National Anthem is the National Anthem…the military doesn’t have a special claim on it when it’s being sung.

I respect and am grateful for all those who have served…I have many family members, including my father, who served.

However, I do not worship the military, or symbols. That is faux-patriotism.

So thank you for agreeing that nowhere have sports stars said they’re more heroic than soldiers who died, and hence Candace was completely making stuff up.

I’m glad we cleared this up.

No. YOU’RE saying that. See the difference?

The rich get richer under dems. The poor get poorer. Reps don’t like people just because they are wealthy. If you think that, you are just brain washed.

Correct. The OP should not have broad brushed all conservatives in the title although he didn’t in his post.

I don’t care how much pro atheletes make. The taxpayers aren’t footing the bill. Let the free market decide what each player is worth.

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Nope, they are. Otherwise, they’d do it during the coin toss, or on their own time. They chose the National Anthem.

You don’t get that this is your opinion framed by the context through which you see things. Your opinion is not the truth.

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Neither is yours.