Why Conservatives Are So Hostle Towards Millionaire Athletes?

Hope you enjoyed eating those sour grapes.

What a load. We’re just tired of the left ■■■■■■■■ all over everything.

I’m not a liberal. What makes you think that? They are plenty of conservatives who can’t stand this buffoon.

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funny… lib media constantly tells us that we all say something different, that Trump’s administration is always contradicting itself.

Can you name one sports star that said he was more heroic than the soldiers who fought and die for our country?

Take your time. I’ll wait.

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You mean athletes can think? I don’t that the Trumpists believe that.

Why are you anti-athlete? I’m serious.

They aren’t protesting soldiers. The entire con argument is a strawman.

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here’s another one. no doubt more conservative in your little finger than all trump supporters put together. ho hum.

heard it before. Free trade. balanced budget. yeah yeah. The I’m-not-a-lib room is getting crowded.

The Trump cult don’t care. They believe any lie their dear leader will tell them.

It’s the free market cons are always crowing about. Convince millions of people to pay to watch teachers teach and they’ll get paid the same as pro athletes.

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teachers unions, government control of schools… hardly a free market there.

nice try

Without unions they’d get paid even less. You’re not making sense.

you dont know that. the unions protect mediocrity, lowering the apparent value of the entire education system. If allowed to excel and become competitive, the teachers could command a good pay.

This is one of those pearls before swine moments. I could explain to you why I and many others that enjoy sports take a moment at the beginning of an event to pay our respects to our flag, the anthem, but most importantly those who died defending both. If you guys want to go all Westboro Baptist on patriotic gestures, have at it. Your point was to draw a certain reaction, and you got it. We tried to warn you.

Because many millionaire athletes are black.

You did not answer the question.

I didn’t ask younwhy you didn’t like to see the kneeling.

I asked you which sports star has said he is more heroic than a soldier that died for his country.

What nonsense. No one gives a second thought to the Anthem once a sporting event or some half baked idea that singing a song is somehow patriotic.

We don’t sing the anthem before a movie or a play or at a concert so why a sporting event?

Heck even The President doesn’t know the words and that’s like the majority of people. Look around next time and you will see people mumbling the words and only knowing one or two lines.

Not to join in your petty argument between soldiers vs. athletes.

Said what best? She burned down a straw man. You should look into her history. You won’t like it.