Why Conservatives Are So Hostle Towards Millionaire Athletes?

I can never understand why some conservatives have such hostility towards athletes just because they make millions off of their hard work and skills. You try doing what they do. Conservatives should be praising them.

Plus, so what they hate Trump? I can’t stand him either.


These attacks are so petty.

They must have some resentment of being tease by athletes in high school or not making the team.

Plus I believe Trump’s still pouting because the NFL didn’t allow him ownership of a team!

That’s ridiculous. What’s the basis of your assertion? Trump and the Eagles? If so, it’s even more ridiculous.

That and the whining complaints about athletes being vocal and active in social issues. I thought conservatives loved it when they’re active in the communities. I hated it when they can them “spoiled brats.”

This is a ridiculous and baseless argument. A true conservative strives to be like these athletes. Making as much as they can and taking financial responsibility for themselves…not relying on anyone else to make their way. I don’t know one true conservative who is jealous or angry about anyone making their worth. Trump being angry is simply his liberal background showing thru.

for me, it is a disdain for societal values that pay our children’s teachers so poorly and yet reward these people, many of them numbskulls. And before you say “oh but we value the competitiveness, dedication, blah, blah, blah…” I will ask if the players of the WNBA are any less competitive, and less dedicated than those of the NBA?

But as I said… it’s not any hard feeling towards the players. Not their fault.

It’s the same reason why the dislike anyone. Because they are not uniform of thought. Conservatives will idolize anyone who thinks like them. No matter how repugnant of a human they are. But god forbid a decent, generous, kind hearted person no subscribe to the current conservative ethos. They’ll get slandered and maligned until the cows come home for their beliefs.

And they said there are no stupid questions… A better question is, How come dems only vote for 1%'ers…

Are we talking generally over the antics of celebrities in general (of which sports celebrities are just a subtype) along with the various shakedowns used to pay for theseever grander sports palaces where additional shakedowns subsequently happen for overpriced tickets and concessions … OR just in reference to more recent events involving woke and SJW pablum?

For the former two, they rarely got any money from me anyway (same with Hollyweird). Closest was minor league games when I lived in Abilene. Pro sports are simply unnecessary. For football the running games still seen at high school are more exciting and substantially less expense and trouble to go see.

For the last every woke and SJW twit can simply go pound sand. It’s good when they are offended. It seems to make them happy to be offended. I wish them all of that sort of happiness they can possibly have … till their widdle heads implode.

The only whining going on is coming from you. Grow up.

Candace Owens said it best:

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This is exactly it only its much deeper than that. Trump was the main owner back in the USFL, he owned the New Jersey Generals, and he is widely blamed for the USFL’s demise. He pushed for the league to play its game in the fall and directly compete with the NFL which is what ultimately hasted the USFL’s demise. As the league was getting ready to fold some teams merged including Trump’s General’s and the Houston team and on paper they had some pretty good superstars such as now Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelley. As the league was folding Trump tried to get the NFL to expand and accept his team and some others into the NFL but was told no.

So Trump was already angry at the NFL.

Then in 2014 he tried to buy the Buffalo Bills and got massive pushback from the league. He was then outbid.

So now he’s doubly angry and he holds grudges.

I think he was licking his chops trying to find a way to get back at the NFL. He saw how the initial anthem protests hurt the league’s popularity and was being blamed for an attendance decline. He was probably gleeful at it. Problem was that the whole thing was dying out and league wide last season it got to where there were only about 4 players still kneeling across the whole league and the media was no longer paying attention. So he decided to throw gas on the near dead issue by bringing it up again and now he keeps bringing it up everytime the league tries to put it behind them. It continues to damage the NFL brand which is exactly what Trump wants. Because he is a bitter, petty, manchild with grudge.

Can somebody hand this woman a pacifier?

You disagree?

Why trash athletes? They can be heroes. Soldiers can be heroes, Teachers can be heroes. Why is she so mean-spirited?

You’re right, they can be heros. I suggest the next time we have to go to war to protect the US, the soldiers take a knee and the NFL fight our enemies.

I don’t think real conservatives do have a problem with these athletes. Trumpanzees are another matter. I think its a mixture of jealousy, racism and the fact that they dare to think and act differently.


Conservatives like hockey. Lot of Russians in the NHL.