Why cant trump be nicer to Melania?

The most recent photos of him in FL surveying The Wrath of Michael shows her standing in the rain while he walks away holding the umbrella. Now there are a gazillion incidents and photos of him dissing her as First Lady starting with Inaguration day. Let me know if you need me to post photos of his disses, however they are all over the internet. You would have thougyt he would have learned from the first time. Why doesnt he?

Man she’s Gorgeous…




He’s a piece of trash.

I wish I could find it in myself to feel bad for her, but she also clearly knew what kind of man Trump was when she got involved with him. They both use one another.

Yeah. Too bad Donnie would rather be banging a porn star than at home with his wife. Obviously he has more of a penchant for “horeseface”s than his own wife.

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He brings a smile to her face.


How could you possibly know that?

She knew what was getting into when she married that POS. She has no excuses.

Some women feel the need for abuse. Ask Bernie Sanders. He wrote a paper about women fantasizing about being raped.

I bet thats it


Being nice to Melania would require Dumpster Donnie to be a gentleman. Dumpster Donnie may be many things, but one thing you can’t accuse him of being is a gentleman.

Maybe if she had a horse face?

Maybe if she didn’t have such a horseface he would treat her better.

She really has more of a cat face

Do you think she married him for his lovely personality?

How is that your business. Get out of people’s bedrooms.

Everybody knows that answer.

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger. . .


She hit gold but the mine collapsed on her.


She got what she wanted. She got to America. She got her parents to America. She has enough money with or without trump to live well. She got her kid. Only thing I truly believe she is embarrassed to be FLOTUS because she is smart enough to know she doesn’t deserve it. She knows Donnie is a Con Man. But so… is…she.

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