Why can't people stop telling others what to do

what to say, how to act while imposing their morals on everyone else? What makes those people tick? What’s missing in their lives that they feel they need to control others against their will?

Are those the same people goes to a shrink needed help with their own issues?

I’m starting to think they’re collocated.

I also think it’s sign of weak mind…those that need for that empowerment. And when that doesn’t happen it’s off to shrink they go.

Just thinking out loud here.


Fathers, nuclear families, not throwing a fit when the birthday boy gets a gift and they don’t, etc…


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I’m really wondering what makes em tick…it’s not healthy mental wise. But again IMO that’s the reason why so many of em are seeing shrinks.

I mean we had one individual here demanded that we submit to libs authority and then accuse us for reason why libs are authoritarian.

For those that haven’t seen the video.

This is state of libs mind today.


Wonder who said this?

When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total. And that’s the way it’s got to be. It’s total.

Literally conservatives…

Got any examples? We want school choice.

Repealing Roe
Banning certain school curriculums
Laws protecting Israel

Even school choice is a way to divert tax dollars to religious private schools

Don’t want a ban…want option for parents to take their kids to different school. And you want to restrict that option.

More authoritarianism.

They force the taxes from people, so they should be able to send their children to schools that represent their traditions and religion. Not the states.

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Banning certain curriculums… not schools.

Yea school choice is just a way for conservatives to funnel more tax dollars to religious privates schools.

and what’s wrong with that?

I don’t want our tax dollars funding religious institutions.

So, it’s all about you? You don’t have to send your kids there…

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Would you still want school choice if religious school were exempt? My guess is no

Don’t open any religious books or go to church. That will really upset you more.

What are you mumbling on about?

Yes, that would be fine. It would start competition on which school can educate kids the best. Now, our kids are political tools for the teachers union.