Why can't I edit my own posts anymore?

I was able to and now I’m not.

Perhaps the site administrator has decided that your posts are perfect and do not need to be edited. :wink:

Gosh. I guess there’s been no mods on the forum for the past 21 hours.

Can anyone explain the problem with the editing?

I can’t edit my posts, either. Somehow, though, I can edit others if they forget to turn off wiki, but I cannot edit my own, even if I do turn on wiki.

Wait nevermind.

Posting in an edit thread.

Still works for me.

Have you guys tried a different browser? Maybe it’s a weird javascript bug on some browser update

You do not have the “regular” designation, my understanding is you have to be that; you are shown as a “member”.


Essentially you have too much of a life! SHAME! :tired_face:

Oh snap. Did @reflechissez get demoted?

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The wiki does not work on my Mac, but it does work on the Windows machine at my work.

I think I read somewhere that can happen automatically. Something about maintaining a certain number of posts, likes given, likes received, etc.

No problem editing here.

Try it now.

Thanks for all the input, everyone. I have previously been able to edit on both Mac and pc and in windows and chrome. Oh, well. I’ll tinker around and see what happens.

Note: I have “basic” level which supposedly allows editing.

Thanks. It works.

I don’t look at this part of the forum very often.

Well now we know where we can go to be bad. :wink:

Testing to see if I can edit

Can we assume by the fact that you left your wiki open, that you can?

Haha yes, and I just learned what that means, I think. I’ll (try to) fix it now.

Can we assume that because your Wiki is closed that you were successful? :stuck_out_tongue: