Why Can’t Houses of Worship Just be Off Limits?

Nah, don’t call your legislator. Go down to a Catholic church, inconvenience and assault worshippers, disrupt services and vandalize church property.

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Remember when we used to have Presidents that would denounce violence and threats directed at people because of their religion?


Unless a house of worship is near ground zero of course…


Progressive Democrats aren’t capable of separating politics from every facet of life. The White House won’t even denounce threats against Supreme Court Justices.


From the OP’s article; Several pro-choice protests and vandalism

This is where libs do not discern between the two as if vandalism is their right. Cities around the country were burned, vandalized and destroyed as if it’s their right…in the name of protesting George Floyd. St. John’s in DC is another perfect example of taking a protest…past what is a protestor’s right. The question now is our government; will they turn their head or will the prosecute these criminals? That decision, if not abiding and enforcing our laws, will either further divide our nation and again I say, will promote vigilantism from law abiding citizens who do have the right to protect these legal things they love.

Vandalism of churches is unnacceptable.

It should not be lumped into the protest of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral which was a counter protest to a monthly anti abortion protest that starts at that church and walks to Planned Parenthood nearby.

Vigilantism is something you guys bring up every single time and it’s all based on movies. All of it. The 80s and 90s saw significantly more lawlessness…. And yet no significant vigilantes outside of very few isolated cases. So 40 years later when crime is still lower by every measure than it was then, these vigilantes will start popping up suddenly.

Oh look i am being dismissive again. :joy:

Generic crime is quite a bit different than setting fire to cities.

No sir…I just started bringing it up because it’s now come onto my current radar of life here in the U.S.

Sure. And? Newark burned in 68. Almost to the ground.

There is that smudged prism again.

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There’s the window, looking out into the future, that you say needs “windex”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Yep. Prosecute them.

May want to wait until after November so as not to create martyrs but yes prosecute them.

Yeah and then a white vigilante group showed up.

Your predictions have a slant that you don’t even see.

That’s the difference i know i am biased as heck. May be try admitting it to yourself

Yep isolated incidents. Like Mr Rittenhosue and his merry band of morons who attacked him.

They were portugués btw.

I am biased…to truth, justice and the American way. :+1: :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: