Why aren't you Catholic?


If you say so… What I note about some of “history” is so many use tertiary or even later sources. Try original sourcing. It often changes everything.


My original sourcing is the Bible. I see nothing there that would cause me to buy into the catholic church teachings.

No offense intended. Both of us are obviously convinced that we are right and agreeing to disagree is about all that is left.


No offense taken. My point about original sources can be made with many Bible verses, but one that quickly comes to mind is Isaiah 14:12. The King James version/interpretation (written in 1611) is not in line with the original Hebrew (written six centuries before Christ).


Thats the whole thing. I think annulment is lieing to keep in with scripture. I dont hold the bible to be an authority on anything so its not a matter of my wanting to commit adultery or wanting my father to do anything. He didnt say why but personally since the church doesnt have evidence for a god and putting such an authority on the church i see no way they can determine if they were joined by god. My father was not a catholic when he married my mother so i found it incredibly odd the church would even require such a thing.


I see that it was incorrect. I was a christian for most of my life so it was a process of deconversion. I was a committed christian too and went to church on sundays. I suppose the reason it stuck for so long is because i was raised with a sort of disney-esque understanding of the bible but when i actually started reading the book, i found there was no way i could defend my faith, even if i took the stories as paribles.


Let me guess, KJV? If so, that is not very original. Published in 1611 and authorized by a mere mortal man.

The Latin Vulgate used by the Catholic church dates back to around 380. Seems that’s a little more original than yours.



We all have opinions.


I understand. Modern man starts behind the eight ball in understanding the purpose and point of many accounts. We are just too used to seeing the world through modern English and a twenty-first perspective. It becomes difficult to step into the shoes of ancient man and an entirely different way of seeing and writing about something.


I’m pretty much engaged to a southern baptist. But I’m fairly non religious. It’s an odd relationship.


I’ll follow Momma’s advice on that one.


I remember being inspired by the story of moses leading the hebrews out of israel but eventually i found out even the old movie led me to believe it was to lead them out for good and that pharoah was always stubborn.


I still keep what was good that i learned from my time as a christian and some stories came as a shock when i read them in full.


Moses led the people out of Egypt and into Israel.


Which ones?


Only One infinite Ocean of Essence that is God, in whom are three persons Father Son and Holy Spirit. There are no analogies to this in finite creation, its not unreasonable its beyond human reason.
Its 1+1+1 = 3 gods, its 1x1x1=1 God.

God didn’t impregnate, He caused the virgin to conceive.

Jesus is both fully man and fully God, the man Jesus died on the cross, the man Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus as God never ceased to be in heaven even while incarnate as man on earth:

13 "No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven. (Joh 3:13 NKJ)

We don’t worship a man, Jesus is both God and Man and we worship Jesus, but we worship God Father Son and Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

If God can’t do something, He isnt God. The definition of God is, He can do anything He wants.


She must see something you don’t see.


Scripture quotes in the early church fathers (100 AD on) reflect the "byzantine “majority text” the KJV is based on, not the Vulgate.


And none of that is even remotely compatible with Jewish beliefs. Thank you for underscoring my point.


Hmm i must have gotten the impression from the kjv. I hear the new international version is more accurate. At first i was unaware in the story that god had hardened pharoah’s heart when he was about to compromise.


Sodom and ghmorrah, job, mosaic law and the 10 commandments, the ark of the covenant, levitival laws, etc. Lott’s daughters were saved from fire and brimstone and being turned into a pillar of salt only then to get lott drunk enough so that they could rape him when the only crime his wife committed was looking back.