Why aren't you Catholic?


I’m not aware of anyone who does. Creation is not a salvation issue.


Not at all. Just means God might not have done it in 24 hour days. On the other hand it might have been 24 hour days. No way of knowing that.

What is known is that God is powerful enough to do it exactly as the Bible says he did.


Yes, he could have. The question is did he? The evidence he left says no.


Different answer, but I want to say why I became a Catholic. I was raised as Eastern Orthodox, but when I moved to a Catholic-majority environment, I really really liked Catholicism. It was Greko-Catholicism, so there wasn’t a huge difference, but the way church treats people fascinated me.


Can you give us an example?


This may sound so simple, but because I wasn’t really a religious person, those were the first things I noticed. Firstly, in Eastern Orthodox churches all the priests were always always collecting money for ‘‘new churches’’, and somehow all the priests were riding last model of BMWs. IN E.Orthodox, there were no seats, and even elderly (most of the people coming for the liturgy are elderly) had to stand for hours. Did I mention there was no AC or anything, and the weather can get very hot. All this is rooted in the teachings of Orthodox Christianity, especially Eastern - the more miserable you are, the more good you are in the eyes of God. A very simplified explanation, but still. Eastern Rite Catholic Churches were sooo different. They were very important in the community. The charity was on peak, the priests were young and active. When I first walked in and asked where can I buy a candle, everyone stared at me and pointed where the candles were. People could just leave donations, but in E.Orthodox, there was literally a cashier in the church. I was tired of this church that I can hardly even call a church now, more like a business institution. I explored other confessions of Christianity, like Protestantism, and they didn’t really correspond to my beliefs.


What version of Catholicism? Its changed quite a bit from the earliest version.

I’m a Catholic, albeit not Roman Catholic. First century Catholic, today we’re called Southern Baptists.


That’s pretty ■■■■■■■ funny. A Catholic Baptist. Makes as much sense as the term “JudeoChristian”.


Someone needs to tell Cbut he’s catholic. :rofl:


In the beginning everyone was Catholic. Rome’s version of Catholicism kept changing things. Each major change resulted in schism, Catholics leaving the “new version.”

There’s the version before Mary was called Mother of God. There’s a version that didn’t accept the apocrypha. Pre Trent. There’s a version that was more Traditional, pre Vatican II. You can break it up into many more segments.

The original Catholic church is found in the pages of the New Testament, and its nothing like today’s Roman Catholic Version.

For example, the Pope now says gays are ok. But the apostle Paul doesn’t agree:

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, (1Co 6:9 NKJ)

If Paul said what the Pope said, he would have been excommunicated.


Then we’d have an excellent illustration of “cognitive dissonance” (ala Scott Adams).


Which is dumb because theistic evolution is compatible with Christianity.


I agree. It had to be six literal days, the ecosystem is so interdependent it would collapse if any part of it wasn’t existing for a long time.

Conservative Estimates put the population around 4 Billion, given the long life spans.

In my study of the Catholic magisterium, I concluded when given a right and wrong choice, they always chose the wrong one.


No, it isn’t. If you accept the timeline of evolution, billions of years…Christ and the apostles become fallible human beings, because they all accept Genesis as literal truth.

If Christ is nothing more than a man, He isn’t compatible with Christianity.


Well, he wasn’t (and isn’t) compatible with Judaism so…


You don’t know either Judaism or Christianity. All the early Christians were Jews, Christ fulfilled Moses’ prophecy of a new law giver:

15 "The LORD your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your midst, from your brethren. Him you shall hear, (Deu 18:15 NKJ)


Salvation by faith alone? True- most Protestants believe this.

Pray to Jesus alone? Not true- They pray to the Father in Jesus’ name.


I know these things are as far from Judaism as east is from west. (actually, they are infinitely further away)

  • Human sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins.
  • One person atoning for the sins of another.
  • The law somehow being permanently fulfilled by the act of one man. (If Jesus fulfilled the law against murder, is it now ok to murder people?)

Once those early Jews became Christians, they were no longer Jews.


Other Christian beliefs incompatible with Judaism include

  • Multiple gods, even 3 in 1.
  • God impregnating a virgin. (how very Zeus of him)
  • God having offspring.
  • God dying, even on a cross for our sins. (Jesus is God, Jesus died, therefore a Christian belief is God died. )
  • Worshipping a man. (No other gods before me)
  • God becoming corporeal.

Jews have said to me that their beliefs have more in common with Islam than with Christianity. That was shocking to me.


The part I found funny is that they think they are “first century”.