Why aren't you Catholic?


It is not a substitute. They go hand in hand.


Well you can do anything you please with that out look. Do you think SSM is ok since it isn’t mentioned?

Marriage is described as between male and female by Jesus but hey go with what pleases one instead huh?


I don’t know what that is.


Well that is an arrogant enough viewpoint.

I gave you one example in that the pope is not mentioned nor authorized.

Another would be praying through priests rather than directly through Jesus. Also Priests aren’t even mentioned in the 1st century church except in reference to the jewish leaders.

I could go on and on and on.


Never heard of same sex marriage?


Actually, it was Lutherans who put it into use after hearing a German prince or two using it to describe the situation back in the day.


It seems to be saying once everyone was Catholic. Why not now? It was just a question used to start a discussion in the new religion forum.


Who uses it the most these days? I reject the term no matter who started it. I am a Christian.

That’s more accurate.


Well everyone wasn’t once catholic. The 1st century christians were called christians.


And I gave you a response on how it evolved from Jesus and the Apostles onward. Ignoring it, won’t change a thing. The leader of the Church didn’t spring out of nothing. It grew out of actions and words by Christ and the Apostles.


Would be as arrogant as you here saying that a group that has collectively been studying scripture for almost 2000 years is all wrong and you are correct?


I don’t even know what this means. Do you have an example?


Quibbling again. The Christians were also known as catholic, meaning opening and welcoming. I am certain you understand synonyms.


I prefer the term “heretic”.


Please do. Your ignorance is highly entertaining.

If the ficticous church you described here and call catholic actually existed, I’m certain Meri would not be a member. Nor would any other Catholic. What I’m saying is what you’ve said here is entirely untrue. Catholics can and do pray directly to Jesus and to God.
And if you were to actually look up true facts about Catholicism, you would find you have more in common with them than you would ever care to admit.

From your statement am I to understand your church does not pray together as a group at your meetings and worship services?


That made me laugh.


I laughed, too.


Fine. Just for the record i suspect that the falling away(apostasy) prophesied by the Apostle Paul in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 was a reference to the catholic church.


I get it. If the scriptures oppose you guys or don’t support your doctrine then it is “quibbling”.

Well there is no making any headway against that sort of “reasoning”.


It isn’t. But if that helps you sleep at night, you’re free to believe it.