Why aren't you Catholic?


A pointless response.


Does your church allow statues?



We don’t have them.


Can’t we all just accept that Catholics and Protestants both believe in the key thing Jesus taught? That no one goes to the Father but through Him?

Most of the Catholic/Protestant arguments boil down to semantics and doctrinal differences. The wars ended a long time ago. It would be better to work together to convert souls rather than try to prove who is more Christian than the other.

I’m not even very religious. I just don’t see the point of arguing such points.


But some Protestant churches do. (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal.)

Where is it written that churches in your denomination cannot display statues?


Agree to disagree.


nobody said it was.


No, we can’t. That has been shown over the years on the other board.


To be honest i’ve never cared for that word “protestant”. That’s a catholic designation. I’m just a Christian.

As for Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal i feel they don’t follow the scriptures all that closely either.

The Bible doesn’t advocate statues in the churches. That’s good enough for me.


To be honest the folks I worship with just ignore the catholics for the most part. However it is hard to ignore a thread that boldly asks why aren’t you catholic?

Seems to be saying everyone should be.

p.s. As for the word “protestant” i don’t really care for it. It’s the catholic word for all noncatholic christians.

I am just a Christian.


It isn’t that simple unfortunately.


The United Methodist Church has a Constitution, and a list of rules. It has a legislative body etc. and following that has pronounced a ban on statues within the worship area of any building named as a UM Church.

(The interior of my local UMC was quite elegant.)

Point is: like all denominations they have a Canon. They just don’t call it a Canon.


You are correct that unity does not mean “conformity.”

However, unity does mean something much deeper.

In regards to the most important point of faith and defeating evil, unity means being “many bodies and one mind,” Not “many minds and one body.” (Disunity) Not “many minds and many bodies.” (Disunity) Not “one mind one body.” (Conformity)

An army on a battlefield wins or loses, when they are many bodies and one mind. Even a superior force, is defeated if they are are like many minds, many bodies.

Good wins over evil with unity of good. This world is controlled by evil forces if good doesn’t have correct unity. False faith separates and creates schisms. This is why people need “salvation” and enlightenment and not be ruled by animality, greed and the lower life states.


What a fascinating as well as telling assumption for you to jump to from a statement that neither said nor implied such a thing.


Does it specifically prohibit them?


It was very implied.


That isn’t the way the Bible works. It lays out what is to be done or not done.

If it isn’t mentioned then it isn’t authorized.


Only in your own mind by your own prejudices.


If it isn’t mentioned it isn’t prohibited. That would be laying out what not to do as you put it.


Could yo provide a couple of examples? Keep in mind from the Catholic viewpoint, it appears that Protestants decided it was too hard and they needed to make it easier.