Why aren't you Catholic?


Cool. Then we can toss the bible in the dustbin and live however we perceive the spirit is moving us.

In answer to your question, yes, unity would be better. Interestingly enough, the Catholics do have an ecumenical outreach to other denominations.


Jesus never made mention of any Catholic Church. None of the Apostles either. You do have the talking points down well though.


Why would i desire footnotes rather than the real deal which is the Bible? The Bible is the rule book not a Canon.


He also never mentioned Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Methodists, or whatever denomination you follow. Yet you’re happy following that group. Why are you doing something Jesus didn’t mention?


I think i see the problem. The bible is so much more than just a set of rules. If that is all it is to you, then you are missing the point.

On another note, the footnotes Meri mentions show that the canon is based on scripture.


The only church names used biblically were churches of christ and the church of God.

Even more important is the Catholic Church veers far from the scriptures in many cases toward traditions instead.


I am missing nothing. I have a much better understanding of the scriptures than you or meri.


Ah yes. Pride. One of the uglier sins. Enjoy that. I hear it goes before something important.


The Christian Church became known as catholic, meaning open and welcoming to all. We still carry that name.


There are some groups today who have taken on those names, but that doesn’t make them the churches referenced in the bible.


That goes to an extreme to “toss the bible…” and do it any old way depending on human interpretation. There is a middle way, that is a narrow path.

The Common (meek) people with pure faith in Jesus are not going to get demerits for not being religious scholars. Church Rank or scholarly pretense is not the determinant for salvation.

This histories of dogma arguments and actual shooting wars, church burnings etc. even within the same denominations, over dogma interpretations amounts to fighting over arrogant mental trivia and fighting over a head count, donation money or political power is against the true spirit and obvious intention of Jesus’s preachings.

The word “Catholic” has meanings that is more then just the name of a particular sect or Central Church. In Buddhism, the meaning of the term Mahayana (Great Vehicle) is essentially the same.

This is not to say religious debate or discussion is not useful to those with that predeliction for explaining dogma for those with doubts, if the intention is unity and helping to break down erroneous views leading to greater faith. The pitfall of arrogance or vanity of scholars is very real. Jesus was critical of the ruling intelligensia and so was Gautama Buddha.


The Bible mentions neither abortion, nor contraception, nor polygamy etc. etc…It commands that tithes must be in the form of crops etc.

It never states if people in America in 2018 should be baptised or if that applies only to people in earshot of John the Baptist.


It also doesn’t mention spreading the word via electronic media. It doesn’t mention rubber tires, automobiles, airplanes, submarines, nuclear weapons, vaccines, antibiotics, surgery, 401ks stocks, bonds, as mms a lot of other things.


My point being that the Canon serves a purpose.

In Matthew 10 Jesus commanded to walk without sandals or a walking stick.
In Matthew 28 Jesus commanded baptism.
In Luke 22 Jesus commanded purse selling and sword buying.
-> Which applies to us now and which only to other people then?

In Colossans St Paul instructed
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”
In 2 Timothy he instructs to come to Rome and bring a fine cloak.
-> Which applies to us now and which only to other people then?

Those are kind of a obvious one, but lest you think all interpretations are so obvious, keep in mind that today Catholic churches have crucifixes with carved images of Jesus. Statues of St. Joseph and St. Mary, etc. United Methodist churches prohibit such graven images.

Some Protestants have gone so far as to accuse Catholics of idol worship because of those statues. (Curiously they never accuse Episcopals, Lutherans or Presbyterians of those same things, just the dark little Mexicans and other Catholics are guilty.)

My point is, people are weird, the Canon has a valid role. We now know that the “no sandals” part does not prohibit us from wearing sandals but the command to be baptised does.

The Canon can be found here:

The Catechism can be found here.:


There’s a lot of talk about unity as if we have anything to do with our being united. Unity doesn’t mean conformity. I know that is shocking, but it is true. The basis of unity is Christ. “For by one Spirit, were we all baptized in one Body.” We “all drink of the same Spirit.”

It is not our role to create unity. The Spirit does that. Our responsibility is to recognize and to “maintain the unity of the Spirit and the Bond of Peace.” Ephesians 4:16.


“admonish one another”

  • Colossians 3:16

Growing up in a rural community sometimes it felt as though for some Christians, that was their favorite part of the Bible. lol


I take it you did not believe we can resist the spirit.

Looking at history and what it tells us about peace, I’d say Ephesians misses describing reality.


No their practices would make them that. The Catholic church has drifted so far away from the scriptures and original church that bears no resemblance any more.


The Canon is no substitute for the inspired scriptures. The Bible.


Sandals yes or no?
Statues yes or no?
Sell your coat and buy a sword, yes or no?
Go to Rome and bring a fine cloak, yes or no?
Polycotton fabrics yes or no?