Why Aren't Repulicans Standing Up to Dictator Trump?

He’s such a crybaby, especially after the Eagles stunt.

Why aren’t more conservatives and Republican standing up to this wannabe dictator and his stupid cult? Are they’re becoming too chicken?


Yes, they’re too afraid to stand up! Such a sad state the trump republicans have dwindled to. Leaving the Republicans party and becoming Independent was not easy to do, but stunts like today reinforces my decision! What would a Trump supporter say if this was Obama?!?

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Too many Trumpists in their constituencies. They have careers to think about.

Dictator? Visits to meet with the president have always been by invitation only.

I had no idea deciding not to invite the Eagles to the Whitehouse made you a dictator. Who knew?

The team was invited. And then Donald rescinded the invitation when he felt too few Eagles were going to show up to fete him.

And your point?

Petulant Donald is petulant.

Yeah… That’s exactly what’s being referenced.

Do you have a right to rescind an invitation to people in your own home?

trump’s harshest critic.

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Especially if they refuse to stroke your ego to an appropriate degree.

Maybe Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are available for another photo op.

Try a straight answer for a change.

Do you have a right to rescind an invitation to people coming to your home?

Yes or no?

Is this supposed to be some gotcha thing?

Donald has the absolute right to be a petulant little bitch because too few Eagles players wanted to give him an ego boost.

Straight enough for you? And don’t act like an invitation to one’s private home is the same as an invite to the White House. That’s the kind of asinine nonsense I’d expect from others here, not you.


Stick around.

Nope… Democrats have just gone insane.

The bastard.

Told you. Trump breaks up with you…not the other way around.

Well within his right. Just ridiculously childish, even for him.