Why are we so bad at fighting the virus?

Seriously, is this an example of American exceptionalism ? That we are exceptionally bad at this ?

We consistently lead the world in number of cases of CV… #3 on the list has a population way larger than ours living in way denser, way poorer conditions - although I suppose it’s a fair point to make that they haven’t tested enough and their actual number of cases is a lot more than shown. Their deaths per capita are also less than ours.

Still, it’s a pretty bad statistic and I don’t think it can be attributed to any one specific political party or a group of politicians in charge. It’s all of US. Thoughts ?

Because the federal government decided not to take the lead role the whole system was designed around. It’s not complicated.


Leading is leading, right? lol

Plain and sinple, because of bad leadership from the top.




Trump law in effect for the entire world to see;
When presented with a set of options always choose the worse one, screw up the execution and double down on it.


What else do we lead the world in?


Anxiety disorders?


Drug use?

There’s more, right? :thinking:

The problem in a nutshell: This is a White House where Jared is considered an expert.

Chris Liddell, a deputy chief of staff, and Jared Kushner, the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, acted as the group’s procurement and supply-chain experts.

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Tommy’s been flogging this horse in another thread, Did we really need a new thread?

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4.7% of the world’s population.
Over 23% of the world’s total COVID deaths.

Americans don’t like the gubmint telling them what to do, even if it kills them.


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Huge reason why, IMO. Individualism; lockdowns are a very tough sell here.

You know it is pretty hilarious that a hundred years ago, when only a little over ten percent of the population had a high school education, antibiotics were still fifteen years off and epidemiology was at a kindergarten level of understanding, the average American was actually much more sensible about this ■■■■■


Why not? It’s Republicans who’ve mocked, called it a hoax, downplayed, reopened too soon, are screaming to reopen schools, are at town halls having temper tantrums about masks, are throwing huge indoor political rallies. Are currently trying to discredit Fauci, the CDC guidelines. Republicans. Top down. It’s attributed to them. Their president, their governors. Republicans.

It’s not even close.


Olympic medals in snowboarding is one :snowboarder:

That sounds too positive for a thread like this. How about automobile related deaths?

You don’t think this thread is positive ?

I think it tested positive for COVID - heyoooooo !!! :smirk:

Nah, there’s more negatives than positives, even with the testing. :wink:

Means nothing. It is a measure with no controls.