Why are we giving Ukraine ANY military assisance?



Or turning the breadbasket of Europe into a radioactive dump is part a scorched earth strategy . . .

German tanks in Ukraine in support of a Nazi backed regime to fight Russians. Gotta love the optics.


It is like 1944 all over again. The NATO tanks will have to come with NATO crews.

there is no escalation in sending tanks to a country that has tanks. Its just resupply

only if you suck in the russian propaganda

The Ukrainians use Soviet tanks.

Either it will take several months to train Ukrainians on German and American tanks, or the tanks will come with non-Ukrainian crews.

Who will be running the tanks?

complete ■■■■■■■■■

ukranian crews are being trained on leopards in poland right now.

delivery of any abrams is a long way off. they aren’t being supplied out of stocks, they will be supplied out of production. they have months to train them on them

but you go ahead with your press releases straight off vlads desk!


If the plan is to train Ukrainians, then my bet is the tanks are just for show.

The Germans know that the Russians will have already won the war by the time the crews are trained. The same is true for the Pentagon.

The tanks will never make it to Ukraine.

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Yes, it is pretty hilarious on the level of dark humor.

The quasi-official propaganda minister has left the Kyiv government and is now free to admit that Ukraine is losing:

Meanwhile the Russian-language BBC is admitting Russian casualty figures are far lower than what the BBC has been claiming in English:

Figures on Ukrainian war casualties are a state secret, but some estimates are coming out. Ursala van der Leyen mentioned a figure of 100,000 KIA back in November. Col. McGregor has a new estimate from publicly available sources of 122,000 confirmed dead and another 35,000 missing and presumed dead.

Perhaps the bitter truth is starting to come out and is driving the politics.


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perhaps the propaganda is in overdrive! The Ukranian estimate of 120k russian casualties is conservative and russian casualties are also a state secret

Ukraine still has the “ghost of Kiev” as their wonder weapon. Maybe the Great Pumpkin will show up as well.

The Russians should be shaking in their boots.


Putin propaganda works!

Its really not that hard.


Not a Nazi.

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They are talking about azov. Keyword is backed. It’s not.

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Azov, Svoboda, Right Sector, C14 aka S14 now going by Foundation for the Future, and assorted Banderites

keep sending billions and waving their flag in our govt bldgs

“ Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal, Wave Of Top Officials Resign: Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations As People Suffered”



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While “some” are talking about social security reform/expense.