Why Are We Giving Into These Nuts?

The overgrown toddlers have found a symbol offering respect to fallen police officers offensive, so the Fire Department was forced to give into their demands & remove them.

Why are we giving into these overgrown, pampered children?! What’s next.

Funny it’s not in the less affluent, more diverse areas I’m seeing more BLM activity, but in more wealthy, majority or almost exclusively white towns like Westborough, Hopkinton & this one.If BLM is so helpful to black people, why aren’t more joining the effort?

Who’s “we”?

Do you live in Hingham?

people in town complain, the town respond by listening to their complaint and fixing the issue.

sounds like how government is suppose to work.


isn’t it violation of Flag Code to alter the American Flag?
Republican should be supporting this.

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Who altered the American flag?

The Thin Blue Line Flag is an alteration of the American Flag.

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No. It is a separate flag, like Irish & Italian flags. Do we ban locals putting those on their cars next?

We can be anyone at al.

Why is anyone giving into this hypocritical organization?

Makes sense. Kinda like burning the flag isn’t burning the flag because after it’s burnt it’s not a flag.

Small town America must cater to internet edgelords. The must be forced to fly a flag they feel no pride in.

The article’s link says it is town policy not to display political messaging on town property. Are those the overgrown toddlers you refer to?

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The link in the article suggests that it was town policy not to allow political statements on toen property before this recent bout of social unrest. Would be nice to confirm that either way.

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So the people of the town let it be known their police force was offensive, complained, and made the fire department take down the flag. Wow are they stupid.


Out of fear of being labeled.

How exactly does honoring officers who died in the line of duty constitute “political messaging”?

What issue was there in honoring officers who died in the line of duty?

How about the pink ribbon that’s displayed outside the Westborough Police Department every year in October? If some men’s health group complains that’s offensive, should WPD be forced not to display the ribbon?

Are police officers & firemen not human beings with rights to embrace whatever causes they want?

It up to the Town.

i’m still trying to figure out how it’s “racist”

just remember - insanity is not supposed to be understood.

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An unforgivably crass, low standard has been reached when BLM—a Marxist organization searching to destroy the U S—signs are OK, but a symbol honoring police officers who died on duty is not.

Here’s the BLM’s cofounder :cold_face:

I don’t think BLM gives two figs about the lives of black preborn, or children, police officers or businesses that provide jobs to black peoples. They’re interested in destroying everything around them using mistreatment of black peoples in police custody as a smokescreen.

Where is their call for police reform? How about protests against unions that may help problematic officers stay employed?

They’re curiously quiet about those topics.

The problem with that flag is there seems to be only one or two types of people that LOVE to wave that flag, and a lot of people don’t have much in common with them. The two types are police officers and people who wanted to be police officers.

You know how I support my police department? I know this may seem crazy, but I pay TAXES to support my local police department. If I didn’t support them, I would de-fund my local police department because the police aren’t providing a benefit to me. That’s the proper way to show your support.

Is that flag even a good idea? They just re-appropriated our country’s flag for their own selfish purposes. Like, am I suppose to just fall to my knees and thank the police for existing because of it?