Why Are We Fighting Yesterday's Wars and the Nation's Founding in 2020?

I’ll submit it’s because the dimocrats were seeing a shift in black voting towards trump and were scared to death about what it meant for their electability going forward.

“white supremacist”, “klan leader”, “nazi”, “racist”???

I never knew much about trump before he ran for office. Didn’t watch a minute of the apprentice and never followed much of what he said anywhere else.

There is nothing I’ve seen that earns that kind of label or rhetoric.

This play-acting that America is suddenly the world’s most racist country, with a black-hating, white-supremacist at the controls is nonsense. And it’s election year politics in my opinion.

If people were that upset about these things in America they’d be protesting joe biden equally, or more.

That’s my two cents. I’ll let everyone else discuss from this point on.

So why are we refighting these battles in 2020??

It’s an election year.

Trump isn’t a career politician.

People aren’t upset about these things. Just a small group that gets a lot of press coverage. Their PR doesn’t look all that great, either.

Some folks are bored. They’ve got nothing else legitimate to occupy their time so any excuse will do.

Small group? It’s the largest protest movement in US history.

This is not accurate.

Also, American culture has successfully avoided addressing tough racial questions for our entire history. Those chickens have come home to roost.

And that makes some people very uncomfortable

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A guilty conscience will do that

Who cares?

Yup. Just a small subset of the population.

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…a regular herd.