Why are there STILL riots in Minnesota?

The officer involved has been fired, arrested and jailed. The system is working. What are they hoping for? A lynching? Shouldn’t BLM be telling their goons to go home and quit trashing the property of innocent people?


They’re Marxists. There’s no such concept as “innocent people” in their vocabulary, so everything must burn.


It’s almost like it’s not just about this one person huh.


From what I can tell, folks there are not happy that she was charged with manslaughter and not murder.
However the Mayor has asked the State A.G. to do an investigation. And therefore the State A.G. could add additional charges.


Idiots are taking advantage of it. Protests are as American as apple pie. The looting and burning BS needs to stop or be stopped. The morons who are upping the violence are hurting the cause.

Notice I didn’t bring up the idea that violent ones are conservative plants. :grinning:


Assuming that there isn’t some crazy development, manslaughter is the appropriate charge here.

She isn’t Chauvin. There was no depraved thought process here. She went to taser him, which was the right call to make considering what he was doing, but instead pulled her side arm and fired.

It’s gross negligent homicide, also known as manslaughter. There wasn’t hate, there wasn’t depraved thinking. It was an accident caused by gross negligence.


Rein in the cops, or rein in the populace, which, of course, means more power to the cops.

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They want the officer’s head on a platter. I wonder if any of the rioters has unconventional people things like a job or a life. Kids to stay home and parent, or a dog that needs walked?

Minnesota driver killed probably should have been tasered, but he was an idiot. Here’s another Darwin Award:

Did not have a driver’s license or permission to drive the family’s rental vehicle, but went joy riding and aimed a replica pistol at a police officer.

Oh, well. At least the family isn’t calling for the officer’s head and no one rioted in the streets over her.

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I was hearing yesterday a Lawyer on TV say that his family and folks were mad because if she was convicted of a manslaughter charge she would keep her pension. And that is true. But it is also true that if she was convicted of murder she would also keep her pension. Minnesota does not have a law that takes away tax payer benefits even if a employee is convicted of a felony. In fact Derek Chauvin, even if convicted for murder will receive his pension.

If it’s the law then he should receive it. Same for her. Unless it is changed before conviction.

With that said, that law should be changed. If you disgrace the tax payers with your actions, you shouldn’t continue to be paid by them.


I agree. Tax Payers should not have to pay a criminal. Here is a lost of states and what such laws they have.

It’s almost like who then? Got any names of officers have have gotten away with unjustified killings lately? Other than the one who killed Ashley?


I little slice of common sense from the left.

I don’t think that there are many people who would seriously not side with the officer in that instance.

I don’t think that they will get anything.

That looked like suicide by cop to me.

Yep. Very sad story. But what were they supposed to do?

Body-cam video released a week ago shows the girl had gotten into a shooting stance with a replica handgun before the officer fired.

Yeah… I don’t blame the cop for this.

It’s unfortunate.

As in another poster’s link, they may have a point that perhaps felony stop, where additional precautions are taken, was an option.

But it does appear suicide by cop may have been her intention, and nobody rioted.