Why are the Democrats pushing ahead with only candidiates promising an unpopular radical socialist agenda?

…or, because all they have are a bunch of left wing extremists and a senile old man who prides himself being from a slave state and working well with segregationists.

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Yeah everybody should want that. :roll_eyes: The dem candidates are nuts.


People are saying it, and it’s really huge right now. A lot of people, believe me.

The only “kooks” are the ones discriminating against Third World people, imprisoning children, and doing everything they can to make life unbearable. That’s why Trump needs to go. Trump needs to go. Trump needs to go.

Trump needs to stay. Illegals need to go…back home.

By the grace of God, Trump needs to be ejected. He’s a sick man.

To be fair, words do have definitions. It’s not unreasonable to want to use the correct definitions when having a debate.


The Democratic agenda is so radical and unpopular that Trump has it in the bag. Republicans should ignore the polls, ignore the warning signs, and just assume Trump is going to win. Heck, he’s so wildly successful and popular that many Republicans can just stay home on election day. No reason to fight the crowds at the polls clamoring to vote Trump.

Amen to that!

The polls thought you guys had it in the bag last time too.

Yes! Ignore them. Polling science is for liberals.

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Even knowing the sicko came from the Rev. Wrights church of hate?

And it worked so well when ABC news had hillary ahead 50 to 38 with only 10 days before the election.

We will ignore the polls again and turn out en mass. :+1::smile:

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Rah! Rah! Siscoombah! :rofl::rofl:

Now you’re getting it! Statistics are a globalist conspiracy. Trump has a 100% chance to win, don’t believe anything you read to the contrary.

I love this place!!!

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Globalism has nothing to do with it. Many of the polls will poll eons more dems in order to slant the results. They call call them push polls or influence polls.As i said they had yall winning easily last time.

The only accurate poll is election day voting.

This is basically it in a nutshell. The 37 to 40 percent of America who love Trump will turn out in very high percentages. The question is, will the people who can’t stand Trump, despise him enough to turn out in equal percentages to vote for the Dem nominee? Especially when a good chunk of those people will be disappointed with the Dem nominee no matter who it ends up being.

I suspect a lot of independents will consider the agenda being put out there by the left to be way to wild to support as well.

Don’t think the country is quite ready for the type socialism they are touting.

I think they’re simply putting forth their own Bob Dole in order to save face and concentrate on 2024.

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