Why are the Democrats pushing ahead with only candidiates promising an unpopular radical socialist agenda?

My theory is that they are so confident that their monopoly on the MSM and most internet media platforms will enable them to widely silence conservative voices and magnify liberal ones. Add to that their ability to use the behaviour modifiers highlighted by Dr. Robert Epstein, and they are convinced they will be able to shepherd enough swing-voters into hating Trump and embracing Democrat policies to win enough electoral races. They are also talking about splitting Electoral College votes in states to represent the Rep-Dem split in voting.

If they do successfully use internet platforms to tilit the playing field, they will be able to argue a clear mandate to press ahead at full speed on the extreme socialist agenda they stood on, and bring the US quickly to it’s knees.


I thought Obama was going to bring the US to its knees when he was elected in 2008 and again in 2012?

What extreme socialist agenda are you referring to?

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Ah, another “libz winning will destroy America” thread.

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add to that “unpopular”. I also would like to know.

I too am confused about the unpopular nature of the agenda

I wish right wing Americans would actually read up on socialism because it’s obvious they have no idea what it actually is.I remember people calling Obama a Marxist when he was centre left at most,it’s insane.


What…don’t “we” all wanna be like California and have high taxes, hundreds of thousands of homeless, poop everywhere plus provide sanctuary and health insurance for all who can possibly enter our country illegally? What’s wrong with this picture?

Epstein is a fraud.

Second, we ultimately had to discard all the data we had received from confidants who communicated with us using gmail, the email service owned by Google.

As you can see, the search results seen by non-gmail users were far more biased (0.19) than the results seen by gmail users (0.03, p < 0.001). Perhaps Google identified our confidants through its gmail system and targeted them to receive unbiased results; we have no way to confirm this at present, but it is a plausible explanation for the pattern of results we found.

Has he published something new since the first Epstein thread from a few months ago?


It’s coming out that he blocked anybody looking over his data and methodology until very recently. His point was to do damage and the liberal MSM ran with the story. Now let’s all watch for the retractions on page 36…4th paragraph…not.

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It’s amazing to see so many conservatives gobble down everything they hear on Fox and right-wing radio without giving any of that information the tiniest amount of scrutiny.


Look, just because a media outlet is critical of Dear Leader and doesn’t praise him at all times doesn’t mean they’re in the back pocket of the liberals.

And what about the extreme fascist agenda of Trump?

Everyone who doesn’t totally support everything Trump does is a lib… or so it seems.

Where is this “coming out”? Inquiring minds, LOL. :joy:

Mark down this day on the calendar…I agree with you. :sunglasses:

That certainly seems to be the case with some of the posts I’ve seen on this forum.

Really really warped view on the definition of the word “lib” by some it would seem.

Why are they supporting radical democrats?

The same reason TrumpCons voted for and support Trump…Change, a new direction, Supreme Court, undoing what Trump has done.

Why did TrumpCons vote for Trump? There were 16 other candidates to choose from. More conservative, more politically sound, and experienced than Trump…so why did they vote for Trump?

And you want to know why democrats support more liberal/socialist agenda…TRUMP, CHANGE, NEW DIRECTION

I agree with the premise of your OP, but liberals get stuck on textbook definitions, so context is lost on them. I believe if you substituted the word totalitarianism with socialism, they would get what you are saying. They would deny it, but they would get it. Socialism is only a part ( a BIG part) of what they’re doing to carry out their agenda.

Unfortunately, they will be successful within the next couple decades.

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You said it was happening. Where?