Why are so many food facilities burning down?

Are all the fires in recent months just the result of accidents and bad luck?

It seems like plane randomly crash is one of the fee things that could be called an “accident”, as far the facility goes.

There are no such things as accidents. There is only negligence.

A basic issue with questions like this is establishing a baseline.

How many fires at food facilities would we expect from historical data?

Has there been an unexpected increase?

Or are they so common that are not considered to be particularly newsworthy?

Of course given the developing food shortages and ongoing war in Ukraine, questions about protecting food facilities have taken on more importance. I linked to a posting about this on locals, and it looks like the Gateway Pundit has since done story as well.

Yes it’s been all over the Q channels that “food plants are burning down”.

No more than normal. Just weirdos conspiracy mongering.

Have you seen any actual statistics on the number of fires?

If the numbers have increased, there should be a serious investigation into what is causing the increase.

Of course if this is just the normal situation, then there may be basic issues with fire codes or operating procedures that need to be improved.

Global warming, obviously. :wink:

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Yes, either that or the reports of fires are really Russian disinformation . . .

Talk about credible causes. :rofl:

Six tractor-trailers were damaged as a result of the [plane] crash.

This will have repercussions that will last for…a few hours?

Add cyber attacks to list. The FBI has warned us; it must be true.

I can’t speak to this topic,…

I guess if the definition of “food processing facility” includes local butcher shops, as seems to be the case in the graphic with the collection of headlines, things could seem pretty scary.