Why are our schools still closed?

We’re following the science… right?

The death rate from CVD among those under 19 YoA approaches 0%. The are literally the safest people on the planet. The first thing Governors seem to have decided in ending shutdowns is that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. If science is driving our decisions, the logical position is if we can’t open schools, we shouldn’t open anything. From a scientific standpoint, the very first thing that should open are our nations schools.

Politics being what it is, that’s not going to happen. Any politician following the “science” will be accused of endangering our children. They would never survive the attempt, even though our children are at very little risk.

If we want to return to normalcy, follow the science and open our nation’s schools now! This is likely the biggest action we could rake toward “normalcy”. Not having our children in school effects every facet of life. It keeps people out of work who could be working. It places economic hardships on families. It is a strain on states. And, its absolutely unnecessary for any medical or scientific reason to keep our schools closed.

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Then they pass it to their parents and grandparents. . .


I don’t think that this argument has been thought through.

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Our district has had seven teachers/administrators test positive and we have had one death.

However going forward unless schools and daycares reopen somehow, the economy can’t really reopen.

Ask cuomo and deblasio about that.

Keep the schools closed for now.

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Are their parents and grand parents incapable of taking what actions they can to protect themselves? Isn’t that what they’re doing now?

  1. There’s no one on the planet who wants their kids out of the house more than me.

  2. I hate “think of the children” as much as anyone.


  1. Kids getting the virus from each other and bringing it home to their (in many cases tri-generational) families is the actual threat.
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Why are our schools still closed?

So the kids can actually learn something.


Mine appear to be learning a lot more math and science than they were in school. :man_shrugging:


certainly has. most parents of school age children are below 45. The death rate for persons under 45 YoA is no different than the flu. Extra precautions need to be taken around grand parents.

Will parents get reimbursed for teaching their children in place of teachers for the entire last quarter of the school year?

Will the teachers still get paid in full for their empty classrooms?

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why would you pay a parent for being a parent?

Why would I pay a teacher to not teach my kids?

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sigh…well, these same kids do have parents or could possibly being raised by grand parents and some may have underlying conditions. Also, there are kids with asthma who are also part of that fragile group who could get really sick or die. I seriously don’t think the thousands of school systems are willing to risk the lives of students, parents, and teachers. If we recklessly rush and open schools up, I can see a year from now when we hopefully have a vaccine, the lawsuits are going to astronomical.

Here in MD, governor Hogan is trying to play this thing cautiously and I respect that. We should get another update regarding schools around May 15th. The state has not peaked yet and cases and deaths are still mounting.

because they have a contract?

I’m finding the same (my wife - doing the teaching now - is a former engineer).

I see a real potential for conflict when kids who have been accelerating their learning return to school and have to slow down.

Seeing what they can do now versus what they’re bound to in schools could be frustrating for the kids and many parents.


They aren’t teaching.

And what would they say?

Because kids have parents and grandparents and teachers who are all older and in the high risk group.