Why are needle syringes ok and straws not ok?

Then why are you focusing solely on San Francisco? Drug addiction rates are much worse in a whole lot of red states than they are in SF

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I punked you LouC. How has it been going? Been lut of touch for a while. Ha ha ha

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The carton is constructed from recycled materials and the corn was grown from free trade artisinal tribes deep in the heart of Calipornia primeval. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Every third box you buy comes with a syringe, a (compostible) bag of peas, and a gay abortionist immigrant who crossed illegally and will register as DEMOCRAT.


Well, seriously, my mother died 14 days ago, and a former boss of mine died in the same week and that week I also found out a good friend from my time in Massachusetts had also passed away. But I am alive! Getting older and more decrepit by the day, but I am still alive.

How are you my friend?

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I need to get a link to their website and order me some of that!


Yes it does.

Oh has it? My mistake then. I guess Ive been out of the loop for a while.

Alabama has the most opioid prescriptions in the U.S., with 142.9 prescriptions for every 100 residents. West Virginia has the most drug overdose deaths, with 42 fatal overdoses for every 100,000 residents.

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Addicts in the South have the decency not to poopin the streets. Unlike Calipornia.

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I say this is the future of America with Democrats in charge!
The Party of sickos.

At least they’re keeping it inside the trailers and not on the streets.

I say the Deep State Russian Collusion hoax homeless immigrant poop enablers will come crashing down just as soon as Donald launches the criminal investigation against the criminal Obama/Clinton cabal. The trial is going to be explosive on a level that makes an O’Keefe undercover report feel trivial in comparison!

It will make the Nuremberg trial look like a joke.

Selective enforcement of the law. If a doctors office was discarding hypodermic needles in the trash, what do you suppose would happen? Homeless do it in their squalor setting and nothing happens

Not just Nuremberg, fellow Patriot - it will make the entirety of events surrounding WWII look like a mere blip on the radar of history! I only hope the Chosen One has the Obama-Clinton criminal cabal in prison by December - what a wonderful Christmas present that would be to True American Patriots everywhere! Preach it, brother!


I see it taking a year, November 2020 will be the end of Obama’s trial.

You’ll have to work that out with Bosun.

I said what I said regarding needles on the streets of San Fran:

Whether or not San Fran wants to change that image is up to San Fran.

Consider this, though. We’re looking at the disposal of said products. The reference Bosun made to straws is about SJW attempts to ban the USE of plastic straws. In that light, with respect to needles, rather than banning the USE of them, many cities actually abet their use with needle exchange programs.

Nonsense. Donald has all he needs to indict and convict these dastardly rapscallions. Any talk of delaying justice is just Deep State influencing the minds of Patriots. It’s time for the Chosen One to pounce!

Nothing happens?

Doesn’t seem to me that is an apt summation of the situation.