Why are libs defending tax breaks for China

but not for America?

Inquiring minds want to know. I thought libs love taxes or is it out of hatred towards American corporations and the people of this country?

Is it they think China is better then United States…not sure I understand this logic.

Maybe forum libs can explaining in laymen terms.


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My observation…you have a problem with that?

I am not sure what tax break you are referring to.

Think of 45 percent tariff as a tax on Chinese goods…which will raise hundreds of billions or even trillion of dollars over the next decade for your beloved goverment.

The Chinese don’t pay tariffs that we would impose on their goods.

The US consumer does.

Yes on Chinese goods.

But you love taxes.

Oh wait…only on American goods and service.

What was I thinking.

You are not making a lick of sense.

Tariff is a tax on goods coming into this country…libs love taxes.

So what’s your problem.

The tax isn’t paid for by China though… which is the title of your OP.

It is paid for by the US Consumer.

So you are making very little sense here.

Are you trying to be as stupid as is humanly possible?

Did this really sound clever in your head before you posted it to?


Links support your contention and facilitate discussion. Otherwise you come off sounding like a krank trying to pawn off personal opinion as truth.

You most definitely do not have a problem with that.


No ■■■■ ■■■■ Tracy.

China is reaping benefits of importing goods into United States basically tariff free.

I’d argue American consumers are also benefiting from low tariffs on Chinese imports.


Using Wal Mart for example, about 80% of their products, bought by Americans, are from China. Those products will now be more expensive (if covered by the tariffs). I understand the loss of manufacturing jobs, but it’s hard to believe tariffs are going to bring those jobs back.

Just to throw a monkey wrench, some “libs” are praising the tariffs.

American consumers pay the tax/tariff. You’re the one wanting American consumers to get stuck paying up.

Oh ok. Then let’s make the American consumer pay up. Makes sense to a trumplican, I guess

If Donald’s tariffs impact the consumer products Walmart and other giant retailers sell, the cost isn’t going to be borne by the companies but by the working class families that shop there.

And American consumers are also benefiting from lower corporate tax are they not?

Thus driving down energy cost and yes even some consumers coast.

I don’t buy Chinese ■■■■. Rarely I do unless I have too.

And most of the time I do is when I need a throw away.

Well… then why did you say it was a tax break for China?

I personally think that there are measures that need to be taken to increase US export capacity… but that is going to be tough in the near term with a tight labor market.

Targeted tariffs can be useful. Blanket tariffs are dumb.