Why are governments withholding COVID data?

The CDC has been collecting data on hospitalizations for Covid-19 across the U.S. for over a year, breaking down the data by age, race, and vaccination status. Most of that data has not been made public.

Their report on the effectiveness of boosters in adults under 65 years of age, published two weeks ago, completely omitted all data for 18- to 49-year-olds, a massive gap in the report. . .

. . . the CDC had an excuse for holding back the data, often citing concerns that the information could be misinterpreted, as CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund told the Times. Information about breakthrough infections among vaccinated Americans gave rise to specific concerns that it could lead people to question the vaccines’ effectiveness. But withholding that data hasn’t prevented that problem.

The CDC is not alone in admitting to withholding data. The government of Scotland is doing something similar:

Public Health Scotland (PHS) is upset that critics are using its data to oppose Covid mandates and policies. PHS believes that the anti-vaxxers are seizing on the data to undermine its case for continued mandates. One official is quoted as saying that “[t]he case rates, hospitalization rates, the death rates are very simple statistics” and critics are misreading the data “inappropriately and sometimes willfully.” The solution? PHS will reportedly stop sharing the data with the public. It appears that it is not enough for companies like Twitter to ban critics from social media. Now, citizens will be protected not just from opposing views but information that will only confuse them.

Are “preventing confusion” and “avoiding misinterpretation” valid reasons to withhold the data?

My opinion is that decisions have to be data-based and the data has to be accessible to everyone.

I agree with candidate Biden on what is required:

“There has to be total transparency so scientists outside the government know exactly what is being approved. The context in which it’s being approved and why it’s being approved.”–Joe Biden, September 2020

Us crazy people have been saying this stuff all along.

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Any questions about the vaccines became dangerous after Biden took office. Now we have president who tells the truth:

Most of the vaccinated people I know got Omicron, and they go it from other vaccinated people. I suspect that the data that the CDC is hiding probably shows that the vaccines are doing nothing to stop the spread.


Good question…why?

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Yes. What is in the data that they want to hide?

The governments appear to be admitting that the data does not support their policies. Meanwhile the number of new US COVID cases has crashed from the peak in mid-January.

I’d rather get a vaccine even if it only keeps me out of the hospital. If I can still spread the virus you should get a vaccine and improve your chances of staying out of the hospital too.

When did you become a doctor? I ask since you appear to be giving medical advice.


I gave my opinion. You made up the doctor part. Go start an argument with someone else.

I made up nothing, you advised people to get medical treatment, generally speaking you should be a licensed doctor to do so.

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The vast majority of licensed doctors advise getting the vaccine, and you don’t have to be a doctor to know that.


Yes, the balance of benefits and risks is a personal decision.

The vaccine mandates have been sold as a way to stop the spread. The government has labeled the unvaccinated as a danger to society.

The official narrative is clearly false at this point, which explains why they are hiding the data.


The vast majority of doctors can diagnose diabetes too, doesn’t mean anyone else should.


I expect that some medical recommendations will not age well:


Diagnosing an illness and recommending people get a widely accepted vaccination aren’t remotely the same thing.

Yes they are, they are both medical advice, it’s reckless to go around telling people to get it without knowing their medical history. For example, if you recently had Covid you should wait.


I also gave qualifiers for what you call advice.

Generally speaking I don’t need to be a doctor to give an opinion and anyone who can’t tell the difference can go start an argument with someone else.

I agree in principle, but I have no problem with telling people they should get the shot unless they have a medical reason to avoid it. Diabetes, on the other hand, can’t be diagnosed without a test.

Neither can 'Rona


Yeah, there is a lot of that going on lately, people handing out unsolicited medical advice to strangers.


LOL…exactly how can you prove vaccinated people got covid from other vaccinated people? That is like saying all AIDS comes from gay sex.