Why are GOP leaders refusing Covid testing or refusing to release them?

-Lindsay Grahm has said he will not get tested before the next scheduled debate with Harrision despite having come into contact with knowns positives. why?

-Rudy Giuliani was coughing, had confirmed contact, and says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine but wont get tested or show his results. Why?

-President Trump said he feels great and showed a Dr’s note that said he should be able to return to normal activey on Sat based on 10 days since first showing signs. But has not taken another test, wont say when he will get a test again, refuses to say when he LAST tested negaitive, and wont agree to releasing the info. Why?

We arent still short tests are we? Surely these leaders can get tested. NFL players have to be tested 5 days a week to play! MLB players have to be tested every other day! My son in college has MANDATORY testing at least twice this semester just to be on campus.

Yet some of the GOP leaders /spokes people refuse to get tested or share the info with those that will share a space with them.

Why? Whats the reason?


Meanwhile, as Daddy Donald continues to recover from his infection, his boys have taken up the task of spreading the good news:

Because it is what it is.

It really looks shady. It’s extra funny from the side emanding drug testing before debates.

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Do walk around with a sign saying when you tested and what the results are?

Because our government is run by the type of people who would hide a zombie bite.


It is because they know this thing is spreading out of control within the GOP, because they were morons who decided to politicize the CDC guidelines of mask wearing and social distancing, and now they are feeling the repercussions of their irresponsible and reckless behavior. And they are terrified of letting the country know just how bad it is within the ranks of the party.

Pretty simple really. These people are horrible and need to be voted out of office, to the last man and woman.

Pathetic deflection

I know a guy whose parents did that to him when he got lice. You know, because they’re contagious.

He didn’t like it.

You think the standards for me should be the same as the President and a sitting senator both trying to do debates?

Again - My son 100% had to show a negaitve test before going to campus
NFL players HAVE to show a negative test prior to being able to play.

But you think the President SHOULDNT have to after being infected before returning to normal activey?
or that Lindsay Grahm shouldnt have to after confirmed exposure before being on same stage? That is your arguement?

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We are dealing with an employee who tested positive. the rest of our staff has been tested, all negative, and yes, we tell all our clients that so they aren’t concerned we passed the virus on to them.

Who would you hide that information?

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No but I had to report to my employer what the results were and that I was ok to come back to work.

The President and those in the government, especially those elected…work for us. We hired them to do a job. So yeah…they kind of owe us that…As their employers.


My son has to be subjected to random testing (he’s been selected twice) as a condition of being allowed on his college campus.

And yes- if you are a political figure and have been in KNOWN CONTACT with COVID positive individuals- or worse, have been or are SICK with COVID…then yes you should be making yor testing regimen public.

How on earth do you think this should be any other way?


Its so odd. Im actually looking for various theories on why.

1- They have it and want to hide it regardless of how many people they put at risk?
2- They are SCARED the have it and want to hide it, regardless of how many people they put at risk?
3- They have a phobia on getting the tests and are not willing to fight their phobia regarless ofhow many people they put at risk.
4- They are scared the test will show they are lizzard people?

Im even open to crazy right wing Q theories on why they are refusing.

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If Trump loses this race, it will be in no small part due to how he and his administration responded to this pandemic. But the pandemic, while a major crisis, isn’t what’s damaging him politically.

Trump is struggling against an opponent that he can’t smear, call childish names, or project his own faults onto. But it isn’t COVID. It’s himself.


Well -he can do that and is doing it. The issue is Biden isnt Hillary and he’s not a unknown.
Its not sticking.

Why do you believe just because you are elected you lose your HIPPA right?

Do you demand everybody prove they been tested you meet in public? Does your son tell people to show him they are negative?

I get tested frequently but feel no need to tell people when and the results.

What about other illnesses or diseases? AIDS. herpes, flu, scabies, shingles? Some can be deadly others very painful. Where do you draw the line?


They think it makes them look weak in the eyes of their supporters. Which, honestly, they probably aren’t wrong.

Y’know it has occurred to me that Trump is acting like he’s the trope of the Chosen One in zombie stuff who’s immune to the bites and may hold the cure for the whole world.

I see you avoided the question. Do you tell everybody?