Why are Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson are Soft on Putin?

Aren’t they aware what Putin had done and is doing?

Why are they soft and even defending him?

I’ve listened to Tucker and he’s made some conclusions regarding this war that I disagree with but also, he’s making the point of how far involved in this, should “we” get? There’s nothing wrong with asking that? As this war is waging, I’ve noticed Tucker’s POV evolving to that of Putin is wrong in much of what he’s doing and there’s nothing wrong with that either. All of us should think for ourselves and stop being manipulated by the MSM and other forces designed to do just that.

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Evolve …. In a matter of days.

…as this whole matter has progressed…so has he.

Does that have to do with ratings?

It could be but observing over the years, I’d say that isn’t the motivation.

If you have been observing over the years you would know that it has almost everything to do with the ratings.

The real Tucker was on CNN and Bill Maher. This guy is trying to make money and i don’t begrudge him a penny of it. Good for him.

Lol less than two weeks ago Tucker was talking about how bad Ukraine was and why should we hate Putin? He’s not a bad guy, he didn’t tweet at me. Two days later he was waving the Ukranian flag the second it became unpopular. Sure sounds sincere to me.


When Rupert Murdoch retired, FOX went left. Tucker came on to replace O’Reilly after his ordeal. He’s right and his ratings have never been a problem. In fact, he’s one of the most popular pundits on the planet. That said, I’ll listen to his POV but he doesn’t determine mine.

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This should be easy, please quote what he said exactly that justifies your post?

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Yes because he knows how to produce and present, which is why he switched tact and you with your independent mind thinks that he evolved because he is that good.

Alrighty then…

I thought you watched Tucker regularly. How are you unaware? Or are you aware and are just trying to send me on an errand?

The latter seems far more likely.

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Yeah You should pull up duckduckgo and pull up some of his comments before he joined fox snd evolved into a money maker. He doesn’t believe almost anything he says, that’s why it is so easy for him to evolve.

Sir how dare you imply he switched only because public opinion changed, when his opinion changed just as public opinion rapidly changed. One eighty’d from one day to the next.

…and it’s because of that, I knew you were wrong but you’re regurgibleating what you were fed. Therefore I asked you to post his quote and not some article.

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When someone, anyone…states a conclusion and I’m interested, it’s the dots of how you arrived there that I’m the most interested in. That’s what allows me to agree or disagree with your conclusion.

Why lie for a television host? The video of him talking about “how bad is Putin really? Leftists are making you hate Putin when they’re worse than Putin” like the day the war started is all over the internet.

So you watched, and you saw him do it, and now you’re willing to make a fool of yourself denying he did when video is the easiest thing in the world to acquire these days lol.

So you had/have the chance to prove me wrong but this is the road you chose. K… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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I don’t care for Carlson at all, but that’s a true statement.