Why Are democrats So Obsessed With Keeping Kanye Off the Ballot?

Don’t they want voters, African-American voters in particular, to have an alternative or a protest vote candidate??

Looks like the party of crying “voter suppression of minorities” is all about keeping a black man off the ballot and stopping their key constituency from having other alternatives.

Gotta keep that ownership in place.

Maybe joe biden doesn’t want to have to determine who’s black or not before they cast their votes.



West Virginia

New Jersey

Lol he’s sloppy and needs to follow the same rules as everyone else.

From your link:
" But he’s come up short in states including Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and Wyoming. West also filed a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Elections Commission last Friday after he failed to make the ballot there when the commission voted that he missed the deadline."

Wisconsin Elections Commission is half Republican half Democrat, it’s not just Democrats keeping him off ballots.


dimocrats are the ones filing lawsuits to keep him off.

perkins coie…where have we heard that name before??


Hopefully, he’ll be on the ballot in your state or else you can write him in.

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He’s not and I wouldn’t anyway.

There are ways to get on the ballot.

Falsifying voters signatures are a sure way to get tossed off the ballot.

Kanye and his minions has done that in several states including New Jersey.

Follow state election law and everything will be okay.


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I dunno, why are Trump lawyers the ones trying to get him on the ballot?


They’re friends.

Name one person team Trump has attempted to stop from having ballot access. Just one.

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Barack Obama. Disputed the legality based on citizenship.


Oh they’re friends, it’s not because they think it’s electorally beneficial to Trump.

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You got to give something for the effort.

Trump attempted to deny *bama ballot access??


So dimocrats can keep people off the ballot if they think it will damage their electability??

This a remarkable turn of events.

You didn’t answer what I said did you.

Rush Limbaugh

Trump says Obama has not adequately proved citizenship. The logical implication is that he is saying he is not qualified to Run for office until he does so.

Less than a lawsuit, but similar sentiment to the Kanye WI lawsuit that is claiming Kanye has not performed the steps required to be on the ballot.

I took your challenge broadly since this thread is about judging the motives for keeping Kanye off the ballot rather than the mechanics of it.

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“No” would have sufficed.