Why are Democrats erasing homosexuals?

This is the same topic as https://community.hannity.com/t/why-are-democrats-erasing-homosexuals but here we can mention religion.

Because you said the idea that a female brain and personality being in a male body was “bat ■■■■ crazy” and I believe thats hypocritical since there’s more evidence in support of it than there is of a god.

There isn’t any evidence a perfectly born boy is really a girl. There are hermaphrodites that are born but that’s less than 1% of the population and is the exception to the rule. If 99% of transexual men were hermaphrodites you may have a point, but that is not the case. Again a man claiming they are a woman makes as much sense as believing Bezos is poor.

Seen this?

I could care less what a group of psychologist believe a gender to be. Most of them need psychiatric help themselves. My uncles mother in law a prime example.

If you’re a science denier I’m not sure how much farther we can take this.

With how crazy complex the brain is. Why would one believe that a Female Identity being born in a Males body be impossible?

They are a YEC, so you are going to have hard time when it comes to science.

What’s a YEC?

Young Earth Creationist

About as crazy as Bezos believing he is poor, and some rich people actually do believe they are poor.

Here we go with science denying? How many times was lord fauci wrong and yet you would say follow the science? That trick doesn’t hunt with me

Why does the validity of all science rest on the shoulders of one person?

Because politicians made it that way! And you ate it all up!

Nope. While they often intersect since science can be referenced when it comes to making policy and there have been times when politics has influenced science, not all science is wrong.

If something were to happen to woman’s body, but they were able to keep her brain alive and connect it to a computer so she can communicate… would she still be a woman?

That’s not an explanation. With the Brains complexity, and everything we know that can happen, from homosexuality to split personalities. It’s impossible for wires to be crossed and someone be born transgender?

I know what faith means. It still doesn’t get a pass on logic. If you have faith, thats fine, I have plenty of friends who do… but let’s not mince words, if you take most religions and explained them to someone who had no knowledge of religions and or the idea of god, it would sound bat ■■■■ crazy.

So you are claiming Tran sexuals are a mental disease like split personalities? I agree with that 100 percent.

Ok now you had your rant back on topic.

Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder.