Why Are Democrats Are Clueless About Guns?

Senator Chris Murphy tweeted that AR-15s are used for war not hunting or self-defense.

Is he an expert of guns? Does he even owned a gun?

Why are most Democrats are so clueless about guns and gun rights? These are the same morons who are determining how much of our 2A rights should go away.


I’ve never personally known any hunters that used an AR style rifle for hunting. For deer hunting they used beefier rounds like .30-06, British.303, .300 mag, and .270. 5.56/.223 is a midsized round that just doesn’t have the same punch.

For small game they would use .22LR, or .22 mag. The couple I knew that did use .223 for varmint hunting used a bolt action.

Wrong party. :roll_eyes:

Care to back that up?



Here’s what Republicans say about guns. Deleted by now, or course.
I agree he should be expelled, but mainly for bad judgement. This guy isn’t thinking.

This is a US Representative threatening American Citizens.

What did he say about guns in posting that meme?

That’s just Tilly being Tilly.

Where would 8 trillion bullets be used?

Come on. Really.

Do you not understand the sentence: “Here’s what Republicans say about guns”?

What does “8 trillion bullets” say about guns?

Yes really. What does that say about guns?


The thread is about Democrats being clueless about guns. Don’t make things up, read the thread.

I haven’t made anything up.

Why? Because they choose to be.

The question is why should we allow people with no clue on the subject to write and pass laws relating to firearms?

It’s the most popular platform for predator and varmint hunters nation wide.

It’s irrelevant though since the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

'Cause they’re icky.

Strip him of all committee memberships and minimize his privileges to simply that of an elected congress person. Then stomp his congressional district into the ground by denying them any vote that benefits them. The people of his district sent this piece of ■■■■ to Washington, let them get the appropriate return on their investment.

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