Why are 4th of July celebrations cancelling-being curtailed in certain "Dem run" cities only?

Even in States with Republican governor’s like Florida, Ohio and Texas, a pattern in some cities run by Democrat mayors including Tampa, Dayton and Houston are announcing either outright cancellations or significant changes in street festivals over holiday weekend and the like.

If anyone has input of other cities like these across America being adversely impacted for Independence Day festivities including whether Republican or Democratic run, please feel free to post them up.

Maybe because they know the threat isn’t over yet??? Better idea, they can say it is safe and have the events. But have everyone sign a waiver first first incase they do get Covid so the cities can’t be held liable.

Maybe not every damn thing is political and that’s an awfully wide brush there.

And in case the OP didn’t realize this…A lot of Republican towns are cancelling these things too. My hometown, republican town, has a democrat mayor and republican town council unanimously voted to cancel due to the safety factors of 10,000 people lining the main street of our town ten deep sitting on top of each other in lawn chairs…I am a republican and conservative. I have cancelled my normal 30 to 50 guest party for the 4th of July as well.

It’s called abundance of caution…not democrats vs republicans.


I think this is more true than not. I still don’t know if this stuff was cancelled by be yet.

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I don’t see how the city would be held liable. No one is forcing anyone to go, and they’re not claiming you can’t get sick. How would catching this make them any more liable than catching anything else? Then how do you prove you caught it while in attendance? This is after you prove you were in attendance.

Ours was cancelled in April…LOL…I think our city government knew what we were in store for back then. Personally, I won’t go anywhere where I can’t keep myself separated into a group of just 5 or 6 people. My wife is an extreme high risk…and I have to simply think of her first.

Was just being sarcastic…Was suggesting the cities do what Trump is doing with his rally. You know, saying its safe, but sign this waiver just incase.

You’re spoiling the OP’s premise that clearly, democrats hate America and the 4th of July (btw… my town, with a republican mayor), canceled our fireworks.

Georgetown Texas the county seat and biggest city in Williamson county, one of the most conservative counties in the state canceled their fireworks show

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Here’s an recent article:

I live in Idaho, the reddest of the red states. All 4th of July celebrations here are cancelled. Good luck blaming libs for it.

Boise area cancelled (largest city in the state):

Idaho Falls area cancelled (largest metro area outside the Boise area):

Couer’d Alene cancelled (2nd largest metro area after the Boise area):

I could go on and on to smaller areas but these are the three largest population centers in Idaho that draw the most number of visitors. All cancelled to some extent if not completely.

Our parade is typical small town America we have 30K citizens. at least 10K or more come out and line our tree-lined main street for two miles on either side of the street and we sit in the shade and talk with neighbors we haven’t seen in a while. My entire family comes to my house and so do many friends, we swim, we eat, we play yard games and then we all sit under this giant maple tree on the corner a block away. There are probably 100 people just on the corner of the two streets, sitting in one yard. It’s great…we all bring booze and food to the parade, a few years ago we had one of those big round cylinder shaped coolers like you see in gas stations…from my sister in laws liquor store. We filled that thing up with beer and pops and waters and wheeled it right past two cops down to our corner spot…and had a blast.

But I digress. My family has between 30 and 50 people at our house at any given time and so do many in close proximity to the parade. It is very smart to cancel. That many people even outside is a huge risk. We will miss it this year…but it will be back and better than ever next year.

Ours is not cancelled. Don’t speak for the entire state.

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Dude its not political. Its just different towns and communities deciding to be cautious.

I’m going to stay safe. Stay home. Avoid potential crossfire.

4th events are perfect venues for “peaceful demonstrations”, and you can bet that event goers won’t take lightly to having their events disrupted.

Corona virus is not my biggest concern.

We are each entitled to our respective opinions for sure. Mine is some mayor’s are abusing their power in not allowing people the freedom to decide for themselves on coming out for America’s birthday or not.

The republicans in that town are steers with ring in their noses.

Just like republicans on this forum being led to slaughter by Trump. Blinded by Trumpism.

You have a much higher chance of getting covid-19 than crossfire.


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