Why am I not surprised?

Amazing isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

Mostly peaceful. :wink:

They have an obligation to do so.

I noticed a conspicuous lack of response to my post.

Others were promptly addressed.

After 4 years of democrats supporting riots, burning down towns, looting, & murder, trashing police, military, & defunding police, all of a sudden they are for law & order & oppose riots!

Things that make you go hmmm…

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The obligation overrides the apparent hypocrisy.

Repressive tolerance

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It’s not like the person in question is using the image of a commie tyrant above every post made.

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There is no conflict. In the one case the cause was just. In the other it was fascism and any means necessary is justified.

They let the new Red Guards play, I’m doubting they will be able to control them.

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Wasn’t DC mostly peaceful too? Why oh why isn’t the Left consistent? :thinking:

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No. Do you think there were 500k people at Trump’s
insurrection rally?

And there were many more than 300 that stormed the capital.

Did you see the video released today?

No idea, took a stab in the dark.

You found a count!? Where? I’ve looked everywhere!

No I don’t think so.

The have identified nearly 300. They have not identified all of them.

What video?

Considering everything went down…I think most everyone got off lucky.

Not wearing masks. Not throwing rocks or Molotov cocktails. Not looting. Not setting up autonomous zones. Not protected by local elected Democrats.


Now it seems FBI is worried that some of soldiers might be a security threat…so they’re doing background checks.

I bet they’re spending lot of time going through/spying on their social network.


Cool. Another 300?