Who's to blame? It may not be who you think

I mentioned this in a prior thread. So who’s to blame? Society? Nope. Outside of a few lunatics, society has condemned this. Nearly 100 percent. We all hate it. We won’t stand for it. No society doesn’t accept this. The Police department? Maybe, he had a lot of complaints. But were they real and how serious were they? Racism? Sure but we can’t wave a magic wand and make every psycho turn into a decent person. Misfits will always exist. By definition a psycho does not represent society. Not one bit.

So what if it comes down to this? Suppose this guy had multiple violations that should have led to termination and the police union blocked it? If the union gave the department no choice but to keep a bad cop on the force, don’t they then completely own this mess? I’m just speculating here. But we need full disclosure. We need to know every violation this nut was accused of and how it was resolved. Anybody disagree?

And apparently its not something new.

When I worked for the federal government (non policing roll) there was a guy in our office who was a union representative and represented people whom the agency wanted to fire. One time I was talking to him and complimented him for his dedication in trying to get peoples jobs back and he told me he never represented one person whom he wouldn’t have fired himself.

It isn’t. They may have acted appropriately. But if they didn’t we need to know their names.

After reading this the Jeremiah Wright in me cried out “Democrats chickens are coming home to roost.”

Its been happening for decades so society is to blame and does accept this.

I agree.

Look into how many bad cops the Union has forced departments to keep on.

And break the blue wall.



Don’t see anything about unions here. It appears failure to meet with all parties—particularly the party filing complaint—and poor to nonexistent communication are problems that plague review boards.

What is it that we’re blaming someone for?

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Hold his Chain of Command accountable!

Blame? How about holding them accountable?

Okay. For what, exactly?

for their violence as cops!


So unions aren’t part of society?

Maybe the appropriate party to blame doesn’t even have to be the primary topic of discussion here.

We’re all just trying to do our best in our limited time on this planet. It’s ok to practice compassion, wisdom and love over egoic tendencies.

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I’m not convicting them just yet. Just saying we need to know if this was a factor.

Blame your society not mine. My people are fair minded and not racially obsessed. How are you going to fix your folks?

Nope, your society too.