Who's the biggest catalyst these days to bring progressive change? None other than President Trump

The link is an opinion piece, but one that reflects the progressive mood of the country. Progressives are motivated by Trump to get things right again. They started to accomplish some of that in the 2018 elections. And if things go as they should, we’ll get back to where we once belonged (and should belong again) in 2020 assuming Putin and Trump don’t work together again.

The essay has several interesting thoughts. I find this paragraph very interesting.

And yet I wonder today if I and others drew the wrong lesson from his (Obama’s) election. Maybe the deep, systemic changes that so many yearn for couldn’t come through his temperate, “No Drama Obama” approach. Maybe real change only comes through chaos and crisis – Trump’s leadership style.

If that’s the case, I think it would reflect against Biden and more toward Warren and Harris.

Also this one:

It was hard enough for some white Americans to accept a black president. Accepting one who also pushed through dramatic, systemic political change may have been impossible.

The Trumplash, though, has forced us to face questions about ourselves that we can no longer avoid. Pundits say the nation’s “essence” and “soul” are now at stake. One said the sight of Trump “leading a white mob in a chant about sending a black congresswoman ‘home’ will be featured in history books for decades to come.”

I don’t say this op-ed has all the answers. It raises some interesting ideas, though. And I don’t think all of them are just in the writer’s imagination.

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Anger is a more effective motivator than altruism.

Hell, it continues to drive Donald’s defenders to new heights of absurdity.


Exactly. Republicans abandoned the gamut of previously professEd principles in the blacklash to Obama. Any vehicle was acceptable as long as it triggered Libz.Gonna be interesting to see where it goes on the reverse swing of the pendulum.

Yup. As history shows, the pendulum always reverses itself. And it will. And this time the swing will bef very very hard for conservatives to swallow.

A sociologist friend of mine could probably do a book on that. :slight_smile:

The communist revisionists will have to photoshop out the black and Hispanic and Asian faces to get that picture. But they will, if the Dems win in 2020.

Yep, maybe thats why even here in the boards you see folks saying hat the dems should not be allowed to return to the WH. They must know that the years after Trump are going to be hard for them.

Some of that is just partisan whining, but yeah, you can see why they’d say that. Interesting that conservatives haven’t wanted to discuss this. Reality can be tough, I guess. #factsmatter #ObamaoutdidTrump

I’ve been saying all along that the backlash will be fierce. The Democrats should nominate Bill Maher.

It is for people who revel in evil. People with honest and good hearts are more motivated by altruism.

No doubt there are people on all sides who are motivated more by anger. But there are others on most sides who are motivated by altruism. I guess, when you need to win votes from both the wicked and the good, you need to use both fear and altruism to win those votes. Hence both sides use both. Isn’t that just being pragmatic?

What motivates the POTUS, do you think?

Altruism. He want everyone to be as successful as they can be - within the bounds of the law and the constitution. He doesn’t come across as fearful/driven by fear to me.