Who's setting the agenda for the Republican Party

Simple question. Who has the power in the Republican Party? Who is setting the agenda? Determining the direction?

We’ve told that Presidents are only figureheads so who is the secret lever pressers behind the scenes?.Who’s key?


Stephen Miller is one.

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Fox News, particularly Fox and Friends.


Retired game show hosts.


Until he drops dead, it’ll always be Rupert Murdoch.

I was rooting for Steve Bannon pulling the strings but he was kicked out so it wasn’t him.

I don’t know, but they moved the convention…

@SneakySFDude said to start it if I wanted an answer to the inverse situation so I did. I knew it wouldn’t happen


Of course not. :rofl:

Great question. Right now I would say Trump is mostly and the rest of the party is reacting. The spectre of losing the senate has them cowering.

Absent Trump, I don’t know. My perception is nobody. They are rudderless and visionless. It seems to be the republican way of late.

Trump is a wrecking ball. I don’t see any young guns yet.


Ignore that man behind the curtain.

Who is it?

That’s contrary to some of what you said in the other thread about the President not having real power but I appreciate your answer. Thank for proving me wrong about that.

Miller writes all trumps immigration policies

I don’t think Trump has real power. He’s flailing. I don’t think anybody on that side has had any since the riots started. Maybe the epidemic. They are behind in The Loop.

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CEC pundits and media, in conjunction with Trump via Twitter. Other Republican figures are terrified of upsetting either one.


I don’t disagree entirely.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Or a total humbug. But you knew that.

I have to admit those weren’t the replies I expected.